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Dead Write - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

'His choice of pen had already told Claudia something about him. Even before she began to analyze the handwriting, she knew that he cared about the way things looked, that he had an eye for color and texture. And it was unnecessary for her to read the text of what he had written to understand what the symbolism meant in terms of the movement of the writing across the paper, the spatial arrangement, the writing form.'

Claudia Rose is a handwriting expert. She has been contracted by Grusha Olinetsky, owner of an upscale dating service, to analyze the handwriting of some of her clients. Grusha runs a strict service and if there are hidden personality traits among her clients, she wants to know.

As Claudia analyzes the writing samples given to her by Grusha she finds several that Grusha should be worried about. Several of her clients have raised what she calls "red flags." But what Claudia also discovers, is that she has been given the files of three clients who have recently died. All deaths seem to be accidental with no police involvement and could be just a coincidence, but Claudia doesn't believe in coincidences. And as she interviews Dr. Ian McAllister, who is responsible for medically checking out all of Grusha's clients, her suspicions of murder grow. But what motive could there possibly be for the deaths of three innocent clients who are just seeking companionship and love?

Sheila Lowe has been a practicing handwriting expert for more than forty years and her expertise shows in her book Dead Write. As each character was introduced and as each chapter was read, I became more and more involved with the story. This book is so intense that as I read I would find myself suspecting one character only to suspect another as I turned to the next page. It was a hard book to put down. So, if you love a really great murder suspense, this book is definitely for you.

Penguin Group
ISBN #978-0-451-22812-3
Released August, 2009
310 pages

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