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Deadly Lucidity - Julie Achterhoff, Author

Deadly Lucidity – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘If only she could remember her true real life and what had happened in it to cause her to be stuck in her dreams. Was she even a writer? That thought
struck her hard. She could have just created that fiction from her
imagination, too. She was having an identity crisis. Who was she
really? Was she any more real than any of the other dream images that
played through her mind? Then she focused on one of the main themes of
her recent dreams – the bad man who had kidnapped her. Maybe that kept
popping up because it had a grain of reality to it. Maybe she had
truly been kidnapped. Maybe she was still unconscious in this guy’s
basement. Oh, God. That must be it, she thought. But she had gotten
away from him in every dream scenario, too, hadn’t she? Maybe she had
escaped, but was brain dead. No. She wouldn’t be able to dream if
that were the case. The only other possibility was that she was in a
coma? If so, for how long? Her intuition said that felt right, that
she was in a coma. If only she could remember what happened.’

Dreams take us to other worlds and dimensions. But what brings these dream about? Are they pieces of memory from our past? And how much do we actually
contribute to what happens when we dream? Are we able to add and
delete characters. Even during a nightmare, are we able to defend
ourselves by conjuring up defense weapons?

In the case of Marie, where is she? Who is she? Who is Murphy? How did he get into Marie’s dream? Is everything really a dream or is she simply lost
in another world? How will she find her way out of her dream and back
into the real world? Can Murphy go with her? What is she trying to
accomplish and why is everyone telling her she has to wake up?

They say you dream nightly but only remember a few. I have no idea if that’s true but I do know that after reading Deadly Lucidity I’ve found myself
wondering more and more about the dreams I do have and do remember.
And as with the character Marie, wouldn’t it be nice to start a dream,
wake up, go back to sleep and restart that dream? Sometimes yes.
Sometimes no.

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