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Destiny's Forge - Children of the Dragon - Theresa M. Moore, Author

Destiny’s Forge – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘A small space craft rushed toward a planet orbiting a pair of white
stars, trailing a plume of sparking fire and rapidly dissipating smoke.
The meteoroid had done its work well when it smashed through the hull
of the craft at a critical point, tearing through the main engine pod
and disabling it in an instant. The pilot was clad in an eva suit when
it happened, but this would be no comfort when the air supply in the
suit ran out and the ship’s systems began to fail…. The pilot struggled
with the controls and managed to coax it to pitch the nose upward as it
began its inexorable spiral toward the surface…. The pilot was able to
bring the retrothrusters back on line and controlled them manually.
The craft bucked and jostled as its descent fell back to something less
terrifying, but it was not designed for a surface landing. The pilot
aimed the craft toward a patch of desert just beyond the forest
crowding the shore of one of the larger lakes…. The craft crumpled and
bounced and set fire to the tumbles cribs growing on the desert floor
until the nose came down suddenly and buried itself…. A hatch exploded
outward and landed a few yards away. The pilot dove out above the
flames and sailed a fair distance, hit the dirt and rolled clear.
Exhausted with pain and nearly out of air, she struggled to unfasten
her helmet, tossed it away and took a gulp of dry heat into her lungs
as an awful consuming darkness claimed her mind.’

The pilot is Antonia Bellero. Origin? Unknown. Destination?
Unknown. Quest? Unknown. Only Antonia herself knows the answers to
these questions and to survive she must keep it that way. She has just
crash landed on a planet called Corelli’s Planet. The planet’s
namesake, Vince Corelli, is destroying the planet and the people living
there through his mining for its beryllium. As circumstances take
form, Antonia will do whatever she can to save both the planet and its
people. But this won’t come without a cost to her and her plans. She
must join the Interstellar Federation as an intelligence agent which
will result in her being stationed on the Destiny’s Forge in the
capacity of an Ensign.

While on the Destiny, Antonia finds herself helping to fight the
creation of a Star gate which is being financed by a being known as
Julian Bridge. As Antonia will soon find out, Bridges is not only
known by many other names but he is one who could destroy and control
space and it’s planets as they are know.

If someone told me a year ago that I would be reading a book like
Destiny’s Forge I would have told them “I don’t think so, not my kind
of book.” Again, I have to admit that I’m wrong. Destiny’s Forge is
the first book in a series called Children of the Dragon and it is
about “vampires.” Vampires have never been one of my favorite reads.
When I commit to a book review I do it with an open mind. I don’t read
reviews others have written. So, when I took on the commitment to
read and review not 1 but 7 books in this series I really had no idea
that they were about vampires. I struck out reading the 1st book
Destiny’s Forge and found myself hurrying to turn the page. And now
that this one is finished, I can’t wait to read the next.

I know that there are several vampire type shows on television but
Destiny’s Forge could easily be made into a series that would blow them
all out of the water. Yes, it’s that good!

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