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Devil's Dance - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘A woman’s voice said, “Come on, come on, okay. Pulse coming up a little. Gotta get her body temperature up. No telling what’s been done to her. We’ll get
some pictures when she stabilizes a bit more. See what’s going on
inside. My money says she was raped.” Then a voice with a familiar
Chicago twang added, “Doc, we haven’t got a clue about who she is or
where she came from. When they found the poor kid, she was naked. Not a
lot of places to hide any ID you know. If those little boys hadn’t
found her, she would have frozen to death.” The man they called Doc
smoothed his hands against my forehead, and tried to calm me. He
muttered, “Okay, guys. Time to assess the damages.” As he bent closer,
he crooned in a soft voice, “It’s okay now, Princess. You’re safe.
We’ll take care of you.” My shrieks softened to whimpers. “Who does
stuff like this? Probably some wacko.” “Poor kid. Dehydrated as hell.
Let’s get drip fluid going. Come on! Do it!” The prick of the needle
was just one more pain. I barely noticed it.’

Jenny Conner is one of the most promising ballet dancers Nadya Vaganova has ever seen. She is so good that Nadya has contacted a friend with the New York City Ballet Company asking that they send a scout. The scout was so impressed that he had the famous choreographer George Balanchine himself come to see Jenny dance. That’s when Jenny was offered a contract to work the Ballet Company. Unfortunately, this wasn’t to happen. Jenny’s mother decided that 16 was too young to be committed to something as silly as dancing. Down
went Jenny’s life-long dreams. Then came the kidnapping. Jenny was
sold into sex slavery by someone she felt was her best and actually only
friend in life. After a bad beating Jenny is left for dead in the
freezing snow.

Life for Jenny Conner becomes a roller coaster. She feels it impossible to deal with the mother who killed her dreams so after leaving the hospital she moves
in with her father and his young wife, creating a problem between the
two of them. This leads her to making the decision that she has to get
away and start life fresh in another city far away from her family.

In Devil’s Dance, Jenny is tossed from the highs of life to the lows of hell. But she’s a fighter and nothing nor no one will keep her down for long. She will
succeed and one day she'll complete her dreams and dance again, but at
what cost. I really enjoyed the fast pace of Devil’s Dance and look forward to reading the continuation The Devil's Due. Jenny has a spirit to be admired and I hope the strength for revenge.

L&L Dreamspell
225 Pages
ISBN# 978-1-60318-228-7

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