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Divorcee.Biz - Eileen Thornton, Author

Divorce.Biz – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir,  Laugh, Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; A Book and A Dish

“We had twenty people requesting meetings last night,” Connie  told Jenny, as she and Sadie strode into the office.  “That’s great news,”  Jenny replied.  “I know it’s early days, but it looks like our venture into  the business world is working out well.  Hopefully we’ll hear from more  people today.”  “It was only twenty people, Jenny.”  Sadie flopped  into a chair.  “Don’t get too excited.  We haven’t hit the headlines of the Financial Times.”  “There’s no need to be  so grumpy, Sadie.  I was only saying it’s good because it means we earned  three hundred pounds last night.”  Jenny paused.  “So what’s eating  you this morning”  “Sorry, Jenny.  I didn’t mean anything.  Yes,  I suppose from that point of view it is good news.”
But Sadie did have something else bothering her.   Connie’s ex-husband Andrew had appeared at the launch celebration for  Divorcee.Biz and even joined.  Sadie knew how much he still loved Connie  and how much she loved him but his onetime slip-up with another woman had put an  end to their marriage.  It was up to her to show Connie just how much they  both still loved each other and get them back together. 
Divorcee.Biz is a divorcee only dating service that was just  a thought in Connie’s mind until she mentioned it to her three best  friends.  Her idea was to create a service that would require a fee to join  and a fee to set up meetings/dates.  The fee would not only pay the bills  for the four friends but due to the amount being charged it would appeal to only  the most serious.  Along with the meeting fee and the fact that they would  be setting up the meetings for the customers, this should keep the members  safe.  But would it work?  But just as important to the making of  money was the desire of all four women to find mates of their own.  All  four had gone through divorces of their own, for various reasons, and were  wanting to find that perfect match for themselves.  Someone unlike their  ex-spouse.  Boy were these ladies in for a big surprise with their new  venture.
Divorcee.Biz, to me is ‘Sex in the City’ gone UK.  I  used to watch that show every week just to see what would happen to the 4 best  friends next.  The ladies Connie, Sadie, Jenny and Lucy all remind me of  the characters in that weekly show.  They are full of hopes and dreams of  finding Mr. Right.  And as much as I loved Sex in the City, I’ve found that  I love Divorcee.Biz just as much.  It kept me cheering each girl along  through her own search and crossing my fingers when she would meet  someone.  I’ve felt laughter as well as pain and must say that I thoroughly  enjoyed Divorcee.Biz.

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