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Down to the Needle – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
‘Abi reached for a tissue from the box on the credenza and blew her nose. She drew in a breath to pull her emotions together, blinked to clear
her vision, and studied the photos spread alongside the aging of Becky
Ann. Other than the fact that both were women, no noticeable
similarities existed. The computer reconstruction of Becky produced a
full, rounded cherub face of someone with a curly head of hair who would
weigh more than the lean, gaunt-faced inmate. Megan Winnaker’s eyes
were larger and definitely closer together, with a sharp chin and
cheekbones. Her lips were well formed and wide. Abi noticed again how
flat and smooth Megan’s nose was compared to Becky Ann’s slightly
humped bridge. In both the old photo and the computer aging of Becky
Ann, the mole on her left cheek was prominent. Abi breathed in again,
more in control, and sighed heavily.’
Abi Fisher’s 5 year old daughter disappeared 23 years ago. Even though she has never given up her search for Becky Ann, Abi finds it almost
impossible to believe that the young lady sitting on death row could
possibly be her. But, even a small chance of finding her won’t slip by
without being fully investigated. And to investigate, Abi finds
herself meeting Megan Winnaker face-to-face as she sits in prison
awaiting the Supreme Court ruling that could grant her a new trial.
Abi had no idea as to what she was stepping into when she first decided that Megan was her daughter and that she was also innocent. Her
investigation steps her right in the middle of arson fires that are
believed to be set by a group of skinheads that call themselves the
Dregs. She discovers crooked cops and finds that the only witness to
the accusations against Megan is blind.
Joe Arno has been Abi’s strength in her quest to find her daughter, for several years. He’s always there for her no matter what comes up. But
will that support continue after he finds the love from his youth is
now living on the streets? Abi feels that she will not only loose her
daughter again but also Joe.
Down to the Needle lives up to its name. This story will keep you hoping and even begging the author to let Megan really be Becky Ann and find a
way to prove her innocence. I’ve often said that a book kept me on the
edge of my seat but that is normally used as a figure of speech. But
when I say that about Down to the Needle it’s the actual truth. I
found myself actually leaning forward and sitting on the edge of my
seat to the end.
326 Pages
ISBN# 978-1-4401-9820-5

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