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Energetics: The First Order - Daniel Ward Terre Britton, Authors

Energetics: The First Order – Review by Guest Reviewer Matthew Morrison
Three MIT scientists risk their careers, reputations and their lives bringing a new form of energy to life in ‘Energetics: The First Order’ by Daniel Ward and Terre Britton.  Who wouldn’t want America to have a self-sustained energy source?  Only the U.S. government and the “Big Energy” companies.  Now, add the concerns of the entire international community as well as extraterrestrial abduction of one of the scientists, and you are ready to begin the journey. 
This book has the rambling adventure of a Clive Cussler yarn, shrouded in the political intrigue of a David Baldacci thriller, wrapped in the mysterious, other worldly, enigma of a Whitley Strieber diary.  Throw in the esoteric, technical ramblings of Nikola Telsa, a personal laboratory notebook of James C. Maxwell, a cross-country jaunt and a few bloody noses and you too will believe that Energetics is just the First Order.  Be brave, follow along, and see if these inventor’s can reject their null hypotheses, break free of convention, save the world, and reduce the carbon footprint of our modern society down to zero.  I can’t wait!
Sirius Press
225 pages
ISBN# 978-0-9841952-0-6

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