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Christy Bristol is an office assistant for the sheriff’s department in the San Joaquin Valley. She sees the crimes that happen in the valley on a second-hand basis, as she files the reports prepared by the officers in the field. But Christy has a gift that her co-workers brush aside due to disbelief. You see, Christy is an Astrologist. She doesn’t predict the future but tells the future through the position of the planets.

In Fools Rush In Christy is asked by her unbelieving ex-boyfriend, who is an undercover narcotics detective, to do a “chart” on a leading drug dealer who does believe in Astrology. What does this chart show for the future of dealer Lloyd Parr? And just as important, what does Christy’s own chart say about her future? To find out follow Christy as she deals with the non-believers that are connected with Parr, his ex-girlfriend who wants Christy dead and the Columbian dealer Christy actually finds attractive.

I thoroughly enjoyed Fools Rush In. It was a book that caught my attention from the beginning and held it to the end and even made me wonder about Astrology.

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