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Profitable ventures and successful careers are like a puzzle.

This is true if the entrepreneur venture is:
Full time
Part time
Network Marketing
Sometime, to supplement the family income
Brick and Mortar
Wholesale supplier
Commssioned sales
and any other type of business or income venture.

When each action, each business function and each step interlock with all the other pieces of the vision (completed puzzle), the balance that supports ongoing success is a greater possibility.

Stop and go planning, will provide stop and go results.

Think about this: if you lived in San Francisco and wanted to travel to San Diego and you had never been there before, you would probably get a map and plan your trip.

However, let's use this following example to show how your trip would go if you followed the routine that many aspiring entrepreneurs follow.

You get in the car, and start out and then remember that you forgot your wallet,
so you turn around and go back.
You start again.
Now, you get to the first intersection, and since you don't know which way to turn,
you stop - turn off your car engine- and wait.
You either then make a hasty decision or just guess.
Then you start your car again and proceed.
You don't pay any attention to the road signs on the way, so when you come to the next decision crossroads,
you stop, turn off your car and wait until a decision "comes to you".
Then you proceed. Unfortunately since you didn't pay attention to any of the signs along the way, you didn't see that this road is the most bumpy and you have to detour in several places.
Now you recognize that you need gas, so you change your focus from driving towards San Diego, to searching for a gas station. You may even have to detour with several side roads hoping to find a gas station. Then you find one and realize that you don’t have enough cash to buy gas and this station only accepts cash because their credit/debit card reader is broken.
Now you start detour again, this time in search of a bank and an ATM.
You find an ATM that isn’t your bank, so it charges you an extra fee, but at least now you have cash for gas.
You detour again to find that gas station and put gas in your car.
You don’t ask anyone at the gas station for directions or a better road, so you get back in your car and onto the bumpy road.
You either make it to San Diego longer than it might have taken other travelers, or you give up and settle for where you are, or turn around and go home.

Interestingly, some people do travel their trips this way, however, the majority of people who want to get to their destination, the fastest and easiest, will do some planning and preparation.

They usually,
Decide where they want to go and when they want to be there
Decide from where they will be leaving
Check a map
Sometimes check the traffic report for bad traffic and closed roads
Write a list of what the want to take with them
Check this list and their packing before leaving.
They leave home as prepared as they can be based on all the information they have available
The better they write their list and the better they preplan their trip, the easier their journey will be.
They keep an eye out as they drive, as well as on their fuel level and they ask for directions, or check their map (or their GPS) when the travel starts to get difficult. They start their journey with the best planning they have, and with the tools they brought with them (GPS, internet, map, reference books) they can make intelligent informed decisions at any unexpected detour.
And their journey is much smoother than the person who travels with limited preparation and planning.

Many entrepreneurs lose momentum in their business growth every time they have to hastily REACT rather than consciously PLAN for an opportunity. This is similar to turning the engine off in your car every time a decision needs to be made. The bumpy road are the sporatic results received from traveling blindly.

I recently met someone who had decided that he wanted to run a marathon. Since I have participated in several marathons, I know from experience that there are ways to train that will make you strong enough to complete the 26.2 miles and other behaviors that may hurt you along the way. This man had never completed a marathon. He just decided that since he had seen other people do it, that he could as well. He showed up to train with a team of other marathoners in training, on one of our long 4 hour training days. It was a cool morning and he was wearing long sleeve shirt and long pants, and gym shoes rather than sports shoes. When the group trainer suggested that he might train better if he was dressed differently, he announced he knew what he was doing. We started our training run.

An hour into our training day, the temperature rose 15 degrees. Many of the marathoners took off their long sleeve jerseys which had been covers over their short sleeve shirts. This man took off his long sleeve shirt and continued bare-chested.

As the sun and the temperature continued to rise, the marathoners who preplanned, began to put sunscreen on their exposed skin and made sure to drink plenty of water and rehydrating drinks. The new person had neither with him and didn’t ask anyone else for help. He started to lag behind, limping and panting. The group trainer held back to keep an eye on him.

When we completed our 4 hours, most of us were energized with sweat and the feeling of accomplishment. We took time comparing our personal times and the sights we saw along the way. When we noticed that our group trainer and the new guy weren’t showing up at the finish spot, we backtracked to find them. When we did, the new guy was vomiting from dehydration, his skin was blistered from the sun and his feet and lower legs so swollen he had difficulty standing up, much less walking. To be safe the group trainer had called an ambulance that showed up the same time we did. These medical experts determined what was necessary to help this man recover, and even then he maintained that he knew what he was doing, but gingerly accepted the help offered by the EMT’s.

His results would have been different had he accepted what he did and did not know about a goal he had never reached before; preplanned, researched and learned what tools might be necessary to assist him in getting there and followed a proven plan. Success does leave footprints.

When planning the start, change or growth of your professional life, the more you are conscious and responsible with every piece, the easier the full picture will come to life. In order to understand the workings of the business puzzle, you must identify and understand your choices as well.

The Solve the Entrepreneur Puzzle™ e-workbook (FREE for you to download) is an effective tool for anyone whose income from a project, venture, or product is based on their actions.

This e-workbook is written with thought provoking questions to assist you in putting your puzzle pieces together. There are several detailed pieces to the Solve the Entrepreneur Puzzle™ series, and this workbook is only part of that training series. This workbook can be used as your starting piece, or a reminder along the way, whether you attend any part of the training series or not.

Many people are over-read and under-accomplished. This e-workbook is not designed to sit on the shelf; It is designed as a hands-on workbook for persons looking to create results.

You can download this e-workbook with this link.

You will need Adobe acrobat reader in order to read these books.
If you currently do not have it, you can download a free copy from

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