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From a horrible experience to something positive

No woman should have to experience a vicious attack.

Being a victim of a violent personal attack is many women's worst nightmare. Such a horrible experience can destroy a persons ability to cope with life. Some women do find ways to discover their strength and reclaim their power.

Gina Cotroneo knows first hand how devastating
it can be. Instead of becoming depressed or despondent, Gina chose to see the
event as an opportunity, turning the experience into positive action. She found
ways to help herself land sunny side up. She shares her wisdom as one of the
co-authors in the soon to be released book,
Stress Out.

She has been featured on "Oprah," "Montel," and
"Crier Live" and in such publications as Glamour. Oprah Winfrey said of Ms.
Cotroneo, "She tapped into the kind of power that can never be taken away."

In the book Stress Out several co-authors have joined together to give you tips,
techniques and experiences you can relate to, all to assist you in finding
solutions to your stress. Among these, you will also meet Gina, learn her tips
to overcome stress and be introduced to the amazing powerfully positive products
that she created after her experience.

For more about this STRESS OUT book,
visit this page.


Support your local charity - Stress Out book is being used by selected charities as a fundraiser.

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