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Future Imperfect Book Two Miraculous Deception - P. I. Barrington, Author

Future Imperfect Book Two – Miraculous Deception – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

“Gavin. Gavin!” Payce’s voice
urgently in his ear. Only she wasn’t speaking, physically at least. He
sat up in the chair and looked at her, lying silent and unmoving in the
hospital bed. He frowned, drawing his brows down and together. Gavin
shook his head, attributing it to his lack of sleep. He remedied that
by leaning back into his chair and closing his eyes again. “Ga-vin!
Listen to me!” “Okay, that does it!” He jumped up and leaned over her
inert form. “Open your eyes and look at me, Payce.” Silence answered
him. “Payce?” Still nothing. I can’t even tell if I’m awake or asleep
anymore. I need some of that good old American coffee. Gavin turned
toward the door and got one step. “Gavin. Listen to me. Just shut up
and listen.”

Payce and Gavin’s both work for
the LVPD
as partners but while investigating the murder of several women in the
Las Vegas area, Payce had been hurt and was now on a type of “life
support” which would allow her body to heal. But someone doesn’t want
her to live and went to the extreme of turning off her support system.
She is in a comatose state and there is no way she can be speaking to

Due to his job as well as his
feelings for Payce, Gavin finds himself trying to find a way to protect
her while at the same time determine who wants her dead and why. His
search for the truth will take him back to the their original
investigation of a group of people that call themselves “The New

P. I. Barrington has me
hooked on
the Future Imperfect Books. They take place a bit into the
future but not so far ahead in time that they are unbelievable. The
future that Barrington exposes, is actually quite possible. The stories
take place in Las Vegas, where due to the destruction of Earth’s
atmosphere, the city is in ruins but still living up to its name “Sin
City.” Drugs have been legalized and are being distributed by a company
named Chemical Recreational, Inc. Crimes are at their normal high rate
with the police department and the medical field personnel being at a
sad low. Mix this with a recall being placed on the most popular
recreational drugs “Glycerine” and you have the perfect target for a
religious cult such as The New Creation.

Barrington seems to start a book
with a
bang and end it with a bang, leaving you craving the next one. And
that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. I’m waiting and watching for a
message telling me that Future Imperfection Book Three – Final
is out there for me to read.

June, 2010
Desert Breeze Publishing,Inc.
ISBN 978-1-936000-69-2

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