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Future Imperfect Books - Crucifying Angel - P. I. Barrington, Author

Crucifying Angel - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

'The heat sent mirage waves up from the ground, making the air in the distance wiggly and unfocused. Payce eyed the endless highway that ran through the desert toward the city the cops liked to call The Adult Disneyland and sped the unmarked car toward the first homicide scene of the day. Gavin sat silently in the passenger seat taking in the long highway and the endless desert around them. As they headed into town, a handful of cars passed them by, some filled to the brim with would-be partiers; others having one lone driver heading away from the one-armed bandits that ate up wages like candy.'

The year is 2032. The place is Las Vegas. The crime is crucifixion. Payce Halligan and her new partner Gavin McAllister are in route to their first crime together. After the death of her last partner, Payce became a loner and resented her boss coupling her with someone new, especially a foreigner. Gavin left Scotland Yard, after loosing his wife and son, to start life over. He was impressed with what he saw in his new partner but had a feeling that she might end up being a real problem for him. But Payce and Gavin pushed their baggage from the past aside and jumped into their first crime together.. the death of a woman hanging from an inverted cross.

As I read Crucifying Angel I had one author and book come to mind.. Stephen King and The Stand. P. I. Barrington has picked up where King left off with his story about Vegas. Reading Crucifying Angel was like riding a roller coaster that went up and up and when you thought it was time for it to come down it simply dropped a few feet and continued to climb. It's story, characters and time setting are all very realistic and believable. And the ending? There is no ending and I'm looking forward to Barrington's Future Imperfect Book Two - Miraculous Deception which comes out in June, 2010 and will continue the story.

ISBN #978-1-936000-19-7
Published by Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
111 Pages

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