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Genesis Beach - Susan Whitfield, Author

Genesis Beach - Review by Martha A. Cheves

The main character Logan Hunter is with the NC SBI serving her internship in her home town of Genesis Beach. In this small town crime usually consists of misdemeanors and a major crime is unheard of. So the murder of the wealthy Rick Teater shakes up the whole town. Logan's coworkers consist of the Sheriff and his deputy who have never handled a murder, so it's turned over to Logan to solve. Logan narrows it down to the caddy Lincoln Tumu and Pepper Ellis, Teater's chef. She follows the book to the letter for recovering evidence but when the weather changes and a hurricane hits Genesis Beach evidence as well as Logan's home are destroyed.

While reading Genesis Beach I found myself not wanting to put it down. Each page had a piece of evidence that would help me solve the mystery before Logan. I really thought I had pin-pointed the murderer. Boy was I in for a shock. The murderer and the reason were both something that I never figured into my theory. So if you like a book that holds your interest to the very end, Genesis Beach is the perfect book for you.

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