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Gianni Truvianni’s Inspiration For Writing “Rompryska And Other Erotic Tales”

Photograph Of : Rompryska

During my life, I have made many travels to many different places where I have a met many a lady; who at the time captivated my interest and though sometimes this lead to romance on several others, it merely lead to acts of carnality. Perhaps it can be said by some that I have had more then my fair share of adventures with women and they may be right but my point in writing this is neither to boast nor complain but to mention that it was this part of my life that gave spirit to the stories in this book.

As a writer I have noticed that it is not merely sex; weather it be either in literature or film that of itself be interesting but the conditions that brought it about. It is with this in mind that I wrote the stories in this book; where the sexual activity is made exciting by what precedes it. Arguably, one could go as far as to say that this which could not even be referred to as foreplay but the groundwork to the sex that eventually came as a result is the most exciting part of the story.

Getting back to the stories I am presenting in this book, it is the nature of these relationships that perhaps should have prevented them from becoming sexual ones rather then inspired them that in my opinion raises them above rather then sinks them to the level of the “smut” one may be presented in many a film. This in my opinion if no one else’s is the essence of what can be considered true eroticism as opposed to pornography. The last of these two being merely to show sex; without as much as a point let alone story connected to that which makes sex be more then just an act that can be performed by all animals but elevates it to what might be considered as highly as art. Eroticism however is what hopefully those who read the stories in this book will agree to as being that which comprises human sensuality as opposed to the sexuality to be found in animals which given their lack of imagination can only procreate while humans can create beauty in their acts of the same purpose.

With regards to “Memories Of My Grandmother”, this is a story which I wrote and even published on my own website and on many other websites. Though if I must speak the truth there were those that did refuse it. Maybe because of its strong sexual content though many did publish it perhaps because or despite it.

The main character in “Memories Of My Grandmother” or perhaps just the narrator is a complete product of my imagination as are all those in this story though as I have already stated the personality of Maria Grekowa took its inspiration from one of the most physically attractive women I have ever seen. The Maria Grekowa which I am referring was exactly like the Maria Grekowa described in my book with the sole exception being that the real Maria Grekowa had blonde hair unlike the one in “Memories Of My Grandmother” who has red.

Psychologically, culturally and personality wise everything else is taken from the real Maria Grekowa though I put her in a different time and place and set of circumstances as the real Maria Grekowa is my age. She being born in 1967 to a father of the kindest disposition though unfortunately humble means that did not allow her to have the upper class background the Maria in my book has however what I did was take her personality or the way I saw it and tried to imagine what she would have done and how she would have turned out had she been born and lived under the conditions described in my story.

As for the real Maria Grekowa, it is not in earnest that I may claim to know what happened to her or if she still be alive though I doubt she would not be since her age is not so advanced. Perhaps she was taken to wife by a man of wealth and had progeny or perhaps not. Concerning this I can only speculate to but however what I do know is that the last time I spoke to her was when I called her home (in Kiev) from New York; just to check up on her. It was during this phone conversation which would be our last that she told me she was working and still living with her father; whom I would have to say had a the soul of a millionaire despite not having the bank account of one. This however was way back in 1993 and in all frankness I have neither heard nor seen her since.

There is not much I can say about “Letter To Hillary Clinton” other then its being satirical and total fiction with perhaps some political truth in it. Naturally however those who read “Letter To Hillary” will find some real political figures in it but they or shall I say their names are used only for the sake of making this made-up story more interesting and nothing else.

The story “Rompryska” was inspired and is dedicated to a Polish singer from the city of Poznan by the name of Roxana; whose expired years numbered 17 when the internet first brought us together for a memorable chat and what I would refer to as a very romantically sensual friendship.

As for Roxana’s physical appearance; it is a photograph of her when her age was sixteen which can be seen gracing the cover of this book. The photograph in and of itself was taken by a friend of Roxana though I know not if it was male or female and sent to me by Roxana herself; as a present along with other shall we say more explicit images. Those who read “Rompryska, My Youth” will find a poem by the same name which may also be found on my website.

I however for my own would like to say that all the stories to be found in this book are complete fiction, with not one bit of them being truth or based on it in any way shape or form. This being the case even if the personalities of some their main heroines were taken from women whom I knew well and will never forget.

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