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An article about what I personally consider sexual fantasies to be and how in fact it is only the imaginative mind that can conjure them; while the task is left up to the adventurous spirit to transform the visions of night’s sleep in to the reality of the flesh.

Before I elaborate on sexual fantasies I feel it would be wise to define what they are or at least the fashion I perceive them as being. Sexual fantasies or at least in my opinion are about the set of circumstances surrounding the acts of carnality we engage in or hope to do so rather then for example whom they involve or the beauty of the person . For instance several men, though I say not all or even most envision themselves in their own visions of delight as being in the act of lovemaking with several women at the same time, in what could commonly be referred to as an “orgy”. This to many might seem like the most popular among such fantasies yet contrary to this concept the one which is mostly shared amongst males is of being able to seduce and bed their wife’s or partner’s best friend. This though I do not hold this particular fantasy as one of my own might be in order to test if their sexual partner will find out of what transpired or perhaps to create the possibility for notes to be compared by the two ladies in question. In a similar fantasy of my own I have ventured to create in mind if not yet anywhere else the chance that I might be caught amongst those ladies who are sisters to one another or even more enticing as depicts the book I am currently laboring on a mother/daughter liaison.

With this in mind that it is what surrounds us in the act more then with whom we are involved with I would like to say that based not upon a dream but an article I read once in a magazine of the sort that one of my fantasies has become and still is as it has not yet been realized. It being to be awaken by any female who should choose to do so, with the force and at the same time delicacy of that which has been dubbed “oral sex”. Perhaps to some this may be an overly simple fantasy; as I do not seek to perform the act while skydiving or under water yet the concept of being transformed out of slumber by a woman taking this ever fragile part of my anatomy in her mouth, and slowly bring it to live to obtain its full length and vigor while doing likewise to me, seems incredibly alluring. It making me so venerable at the start; as she takes this part of me in her mouth, while I am not even aware of what it is that it is being exposed to, all of which making me a tool of lust as it be to this one who has chosen that ours should be the act of carnality. Of course it would be with some time that be not overly long that my root along with the rest of me would join the activity of sexuality. In all this however if such were to ever be the case that this fantasy of mine be excluded from these ranks as it would become reality, it would fulfill another one. This being to be able to finish the deal of incursion in to the female body, via this entrance which has stirred my root from its limpness and me from my sleep, as it is this which I have never been able to accomplish, yet not due to lack of effort on those who have tried or restrain on my part but perhaps too much control that sees me not become so excited as others might be.

I must say however that in all truth I do not have any other fantasies, remaining as such perhaps due to a lack of imagination yet not daring for this we need not to conjure up dreams yet to execute them as I did the one of performing this all too common act of nature in that precise place. This being what occurred between “Rusate” (my dentist) and I upon my first visit to her country house, which saw us go for a walk that included more then stretching our legs, as garments were removed to lie on dry grass with the intent of testing if ours could go unnoticed or perhaps hoping it would not, in the care we had lost at that moment that it might.

Regarding public places, it was the opera which held the most interest for me, as this is a place which I consider to be one of if not the greatest bastion of culture on earth; to the point that I have even written books and stories of sexuality being performed side by side works the likes of Verdi’s “Aida” and Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” in this place of most graceful society. All of which making the act more erotic as there is always the fear of being caught or perhaps just the worry of it; though it should not bring legal problems upon any. Naturally this depending on the country and its liberality in which one and the other may be in at the time.

As for myself, it did not come about my ideas that such could be till one day in May of 2004, when I and a younger lady then myself (by 17 years) at the time found ourselves at Warsaw’s Teatr Wielki and aroused by “La Traviata”. This being that which prompted my hand to take to exploring those hidden areas of her womanhood; my eyes had not yet bestowed itself upon. This whilst my mind was all too conscious of as my touch went unopposed by this young damsel to that area of her under garments which could be felt beneath by that most delicate of flowers I have often dubbed in my work as her rose. It was this ever subtle of my strokes yet not brief that would cause other emotions to manifest themselves yet not on that night or stage in our relationship, as these would have to wait.

I as can be expected from an opera lover was bound to return with another lady, which would be named “Rusate” in poems yet again ours was not fully what I had hoped; as perhaps our daring or lust was not yet sufficient to go up the ramp of completing what we initiated when hers with stockings, took seat with legs open as ours was an embrace of the mouth with mine going down to those points so crimson upon her female mounds. After this evening of Puccini’s “Turandot” came many an encounter of a sexual nature between Rusate and myself yet none as far as the opera house was concerned that would even approach the first let alone that which I had fully hoped for.

It however would be mine to wait till the following year of 2006, when I met “Rompryska”; it being upon our second encounter that we engaged in overwhelming physically exhausting acts of sensuality before attending a performance of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” at the very same “Teatr Wielki”. All of which draining me of both any vigor or vitality required on my part to take her intensions further when she did place my hand underneath her blue dress so my hand’s senses could delight in the band and flesh just above this most delicate of silk undergarments she choose to wear for the occasion. It was with smile on lips in my fatigue that I gazed upon her at this moment, for ours were the bodies of those spent by each other, that would demand till at least after the opera to recover their strength as they did by time of late night back in my apartment.

Rompryska along with Rusate and I have not till this day concluded what to a certain extent we did commence, however for my own I would go on the following year; in the fall of 2007 to conclude with another lady. She, the one who has remained and shall do so unannounced in my poems despite ours being to engage in the total act of carnality in the “Teatr Wielki” during a performance of the Polish opera Halka, mentioned in my first book “New York’s Opera Society”. It was with daring that this lady, older then myself took to what we had already performed in my apartment prior to the opera; as her orifice enticed the part of me that would require it, before we both started engaging in disrobing just enough that ours be intercourse in “Teatr Wielki”. All in seconds once determination on our parts had set in, that her elegant black dress of night elevated whilst her pantyhose of the same color along with last lacy protection descended; leaving her rose of moisture unprotected from the onslaught of my root. This that which in me was more then willing to make come true; fantasy of mine in a most lustful manner in that place of true culture during the evening’s refined spectacle.

This lady whom, I remember by name of “Arleta” as well as her corpulent dripping form and I would go to San Lorenzo; once concluded the opera and back to my place of inhabitance in the city of Warsaw, where ours prolonged itself till the wee hours of the morrow, which did see her depart to her hometown and out of my life. As I out of hers for what I would in safe esteem consider permanently.

In conclusion I would like to say though some of my fantasies have come true as did that soiree with Arleta; there still remains the way I wish to be woken up. It the case though in all truth I am constantly searching not only for this one to fall in to rank with the reality of my life but am doing likewise to find another which I might have in my ambitions to also transform from the fiction of my mind to the solid one of the flesh.

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