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Great Moments In Opera, Mozart’s “La Ci Darem La Mano” From Don Giovanni

An article about Don Giovanni’s aria of seduction “La Ci Darem La Mano” from Mozart’s opera “Don Giovanni”.

The aria “La Ci Darem La Mano” is taken from Mozart’s opera “Don Giovanni” which is based on Seville’s
famous seducer “Don Juan”. It being “Don Juan” or “Don Giovanni” who makes it
his life’s goal to seduce as many ladies as possible regardless of any factor
other than that they be of the opposite gender. It is in the first act of this
two act opera that Don Giovanni spots a lovely peasant girl by the name of
Zerlina, whom his taste dictates he must introduce to the acts of sexuality.
This in spite of the fact or perhaps motivated further by it that she is
engaged to be married to a man by the name of Masetto. Don Giovanni however
being one who is not deterred by such factors approaches the group in which
Zerlina finds herself in at the time and offers the hospitality of his home so
Masetto and her friends might take refreshment in his generosity; naturally
while Don Giovanni himself keeps Zerlina in the private delight of his charm.

Masetto however is cautious of Don Giovanni and mentions that Zerlina can not remain at a distance from his society; only to be told by Leporello that she is in the
hands of a gentleman who will take over his role of protector of her in the
most gallant of ways. This precisely what Masetto feared leads him to protest further
yet only to be told by Don Giovanni that if she does not leave without further
reply; his actions he will repent. It is then that Masetto accepts Zerlina’s
decision to remain in the exclusive company of Don Giovanni and declares he has
understood how his love for Zerlina will be his ruin.

Once alone Don Giovanni declares that though Masetto is a man of gallantry, he is not appropriate for Zerlina, for she deserves more than the mere life of a peasant;
as he himself wishes to take her to wife. This being that which captures
Zerlina by surprise as she in confusion repeats his offer to which Don Giovanni
confirms what her ears have taken in by offering his castle and all that is to
be found in it in the ways of joy. Zerlina for her part is still wondering as
to the sincerity of his offer as Don Giovanni begins his aria of seduction with
the words “La Ci Darem La Mano”. This meaning “let me
take your hand” as he continues by adding that she will say yes. Zerlina still
not sure converts this aria in to a duet with thoughts expressed as “I want to
but I do not want to, my heart shakes a little, I know I will be happy but I
feel sorry for Masetto”. Don Giovanni however being of the ways of gentle
persuasion continues his seduction by telling her he will change her lot in
life. Zerlina at this point influenced not only by Don Giovanni’s words as well
as caress becomes unsure as she claims again she wants to but does not want to,
only to have Don Giovanni repeat he will change her lot as he urges her tenderly
to go with him. Zerlina at this point no longer feels capable of refusing as
she claims “non sono pui forte” (I am no longer strong) and joins Don Giovanni
in a common cry of “andiam andiam a veri, a ristorar di veri, un inocente amor”
(let’s go and consummate this innocent love).

Don Giovanni having been successful at his attempt of seduction and sure that theirs will end in the ecstasy of passion takes Zerlina in to his arms and
kisses. Zerlina being more than willing to allow him to do on to her body as he
will; for she will do likewise on to him. It however is as all was ready for
Don Giovanni’s and Zerlina’s carnality that Dona Elvira (one of the many in Don
Giovanni’s love life) appears and warns Zerlina not to give in to her seducer.
This being advice which unfortunately for Don Giovanni, Zerlina heeds to as she
and Dona Elvira take their leave of Don Giovanni and his ways.

I, however for what concern me would love to seduce the worship of my opera life, Angela Gheorghiu in the same fashion and though I can not sing; I most assuredly can
create fantasy of delight that she might wish for ours to end in sexuality yet
I however would not like for ours to be interrupted; as was the case with Don
Giovanni and Zerlina.

ęłęMy name is Gianni Truvianni, I am an author who writes with the simple aim of sharing his ideas, thoughts and so much more of what I am with those who are interested in perhaps reading something new. I
also am the author of the book entitled “
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