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Gwendolyn Drake Is Captured By The Beauty Of Nature

This is a fictional story based on a lady by the name of Gwendolyn Drake, whom I met on the internet and chatted away many of the evening’s hours on the lust that comes about due to sincerity and closeness.

Gwendolyn Drake (or Gwen as she was known to her friends) woke up that Saturday morning unlike she ever had, for it was as if on that day she would begin her life as a widow or at least in her mind. This being the case since the previous day bid farewell to her now late husband in the presence of not only herself but those who knew him; in what indeed was a lovely funeral. For if ever there was such a service which could be hailed as such it was Mr. Drake’s, (who had passed on his name to his wife, Gwendolyn Page) after which a rather large gathering had been held in what was now solely Gwendolyn’s house.

Gwendolyn for her part was still a lovely blonde despite her being only two years before the half century mark, for in all she was a beauty or at least in the eye of most of the men she encountered, even if rarely did they express their admiration. Her having a face which had on occasions been compared in similarity to Marilyn Monroe’s; as their features were definitely alike. Gwendolyn also having a nice nose to accentuate her blue eyes. Body wise Gwendolyn had also managed to draw the attention of a few admirers, given her figure which though far from being that of a model, in her plumpness that included so much female sexuality from her round hips to legs; was perhaps more alluring given its not being exactly thin. All of Gwendolyn was in a frame which needed but an inch to reach 5 feet in height with breast that more then sufficed for her to be considered busty. Gwendolyn however all in all knew deep down she was attractive and though she had not heard it often in the last few years given her husband’s lost desires along with advanced age, it was something she felt.

The time was 5 am and Gwendolyn simply was not sleepy anymore. The day before had been long, specially the get together she had had for her late husband, which fortunately had ended early in the afternoon. Gwendolyn however in all had managed to keep her composure through out the whole affair which had left a clear mark in the mess which had remained for her to clean up; on her lonesome. This given her daughter’s Sloan and Zoe were already married and living on their own.

Gwendolyn rose out of bed early yet unlike what she had planned had no mood to clean up the enormous amount of trash left all over her house along with the dishes, pots, pans and glasses that would need to be washed. She got up with the desire to go out with her camera, so that she might capture the beauty of nature which was so abundant around her house, so near the Gulf Of Mexico. She was a professional photographer, who even owned her own small business and how she longed on that morning to get those images which had made her reputation as one of Tampa’s best landscape photographers.

Gwendolyn had been so busy with her husband’s death due to cancer and the subsequent funeral plans that in the last few months had not taken a single photograph. Gwendolyn could not even recall another period in her life where she had gone so long without using her camera that all she wanted to do as her eyes opened to the warm rays of dawn’s light was to go out and record it all on still film.

Gwendolyn’s enthusiasm was like a child’s, as she but took a quick shower to get the sweat of the night of her body, after which she downed a long light white dress; to cover the red strings she found in her drawer which she did not even select but took at random. This also being what she did with her blue sneakers which she put on without the comfort of socks. Gwendolyn despite not having been overly picky in the clothes she wore that morning felt comfortable in these garments which gave her the freedom to move about as she would need to go to the beach and take all those photos she had gone so long without.

Gwendolyn, on that morning took her photographer’s bag which held all the essentials she would require from her camera and its lenses to her fold up tripod. Gwendolyn had skipped breakfast but felt she could grab something to eat at one of the many nearby places that served cheap early morning meals, as it would be easier and faster. This mainly due to everything in her kitchen being left in a state she considered to be a disaster; she did not even want to think about till time came to straighten it up.

Gwendolyn’s was one of freedom that morning; a sentiment which allowed her to sense her own joy and enthusiasm; as she strolled to the beach near her house. The walk was usually a short one; of about five minutes but on this morning which could have been considered a new start, Gwendolyn went about with more pep as she was no longer bound to her husband’s illness. It being what had kept her depressed for so long that only now was she experiencing the delight of life again.

Gwendolyn, once arrived at her favorite isolated spot on the beach, near some trees which covered a patch of white sand surrounded by green began doing what in life she had come to think she did best. This being the art of photography which she so much rejoiced on that particular day; as she from the place she set her camera (on a tripod) was able to savor all the scenes this small part of the world had to offer. This place which in the past never failed to impress Gwendolyn was doing likewise as she went through what seemed like endless frames, expressing it all as neither she nor her camera missed so much as a shade of morning light reflected on all her eye surveyed. This piece of beach much like a well, never running dry of loveliness to be photographed made the time and Gwendolyn’s attention pass by as to the point she not only stopped associating with the hunger in her stomach but the urge within to simply “urinate”. An hour had gone by in her life’s passion that she could no longer hold in the desire to release herself of the body’s salt.

Gwendolyn needed to urinate badly, this she was all too aware of, as it could no longer wait or be put off till later. She could run home but then she would have to carry her camera bag. It was easier to simply do it there so she considered. It was settled she would go behind one of the large bushes near by and let her body release what it needed to.

Having decided what do Gwendolyn went over to a large bush, where she almost in despair proceeded to squat after having fully removed her red strings which she put in her pocket; not wanting to even risk wetting them. Once having taken care of this detail Gwendolyn went about what she felt her body required of her, as now in a squatting position she raised her white dress, thus exposing her wholesome round and still un tanned white bottom. All intended so she might do what men could do outdoors with such ease.

This relief was sensational as she performed this everyday function and how nice it felt once concluded that she remained in this position for what must have been a few seconds longer till she heard the sounds of somebody approaching, who had apparently been observing her the whole time. Gwendolyn became panicky, as her ears detected footsteps through the ground, coming up to her from behind and just as her hands moved to raise her dress, a man’s voice was heard “Don’t, please you are beauty”.

Gwendolyn then turned to see a man who must have been her junior by several years, he from his dark appearance probably being Cuban. Gwendolyn at that moment felt a combination of embarrassment, excitement along with sexual arousal as she had never experienced. Her staying in this almost sitting position in the middle of the big puddle she had made. She with shame upon her; like a child who had been caught doing what was wrong, yet in her it was her sexuality which had been aroused by this handsome man; who though dressed simply presented a dignified look about him. Gwendolyn fully observing him with her photographer’s eye in those 30 seconds which to her seemed longer. As for this man, it had been due to his sleeping nearby under another bush that she had not noticed his approach or his presence sooner.

Once having taken notice of Gwendolyn and how her almost fearful obedience prevented her from moving, this man removed his root from where it was hidden under his blue jeans. This occurring much to Gwendolyn’s near shock, as she almost did faint at the sight of his already armed root. This the part of his anatomy which had been fully awaken to its full size; to do that which was so clearly in demand in the eyes of the one who approached Gwendolyn from behind.

It had been so long since Gwendolyn had seen this part of the male body in readiness that the mere gaze served to make her rose prepared yet hers was also fear as she might be about to get raped. This since she knew not if her new admirer would refrain should he be refused, though at that moment nothing could have been further from her intensions.

Gwendolyn saw him approach showing what would happen yet undetected to her own designs was the part of her with its moisture declaring how welcome his was while the rest feared what perhaps added to the first which lusted. Gwendolyn as he got nearer could have stopped what was to be with a scream which would have surely sent her admirer to run as the wind yet she braced herself as if getting ready for a wave to hit her, all the while her body shivering as if with fever.

The man simply took her by the shoulders, placing her on hands and knees as his root penetrated the flower of her womanhood, from the rear. The feel of him inside her was as much like relief; that it was as if a terrible pain had been removed from her body in a way that was more then just sexuality to the way of being greater then what she had experienced but seconds before.

Gwendolyn was being taken in a position she never had though she had seen it on TV but had not allowed herself or any the satisfaction. This however was the difference; her bold lover would not refrain, as he held her by the hips while his root continued to assault her rose, in a most surprisingly gentle manner that excited her all the more. Gwendolyn could in all that was occurring hear the waves of the ocean against the shore, during the moment his trusts increased in speed while his balls softly slapped her buttocks. All of which bringing about in her the first orgasm she herself experienced in a long time with the aide of what was not her finger. How it felt only Gwendolyn was fully aware of as a hot spray went about her rose, striking upon it as the ocean breeze on dry and hot sand. It taking on more of a sensation since the tremor her body was awaiting for from within came as did his so refined of all delicacies, served with lust’s warmth. They one could say with little in the way of doubt, were like the dancers who had taken to perform a great tango, without having been introduced yet theirs had been concluded.

Gwendolyn’s new lover had deposited his secret ambition inside her most needy feminine area with all that was delicate in him yet seeing and even fearing it would be interpreted as rape he got up; leaving her to put down her dress as he went to steal her camera. He, all in all had a son back in Cuba; whom he needed to feed however it was as he took Gwendolyn’s camera that she much to his shock said in an almost loving voice “If you help me clean up my house, I’ll not only buy you breakfast but later make you lunch and dinner as well as pay you 50 dollars and if you want you can take my picture” as she smiled now standing up with a look about her that almost pleaded this man not to depart, specially after what had been shared.

It was this man’s turn to be stunned, which he had though he calmly replied in a most pleasant Spanish English accent, “Ok, that is deal but I also cook, for you, not only help you clean. I am chef in my country, Cuba. I looking for job” while he took a few photos of Gwendolyn, who posed by quickly exposing her breast which he had only stroked but not seen till that brief moment. Gwen enjoyed Raul’s smile, as he took her photo in all kinds of sensuous poses as in fact he was the nice one she had been waiting for, for so long as to not remember this was what she had wanted in a man all along.

Gwendolyn and her new lover whose name was Raul, went to her house where in fact he helped clean up as well as prepare the best home cooked meal Gwendolyn had had in a long time. Raul in what was his relationship to Gwendolyn would not take long in moving in with his five year old son, after having spent several nights of almost total passion to remind Gwendolyn of that honeymoon she had had so many years before.

Gwendolyn and Raul would go on to share their love yet it was always theirs to return to the same beach where Raul spent the night to awaken to an angel, wrapped in all the beauty of nature and like himself in need of that other half.

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