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How did you bring PROSPERITY into your life?

I did not bring PROSPERITY into my life, my life brought PROSPERITY to ME!
You can't be brought something that is already within you, you can only bring it out!

Directions To PROSPERITY Lane

Total Distance: Life
Total Time: Depends on you

1. Starting within yourself go toward Reflection Rd.
2. Merge onto Self Blvd
3. Continue onto Highway Clearsite
4. Follow Route Eagle Eye until you arrive at Wise Ones Cir.
5. Go straight to Supporters Way
6. Continue onto Lovers Lane
7. Take Faith Freeway Service Rd. (Construction Area) until you reach Strong Core Blvd.
8. Take Loop 777
9. Arrive at The Beginning of Your New Self Blvd

My new book will teach you how to use the power within yourself (your GOD given talent) to get out of life what you want!
I know, I know..... What makes me qualified to talk about and teach PROSPERITY?
I qualify myself!
I will be laid off of work (Corporate America) for a whole year on the 27th of this month. I still have a roof over my head and car in my garage and a loving family at home. I have more wealth today than I ever have had working for other people!
I decided to STAND UP for myself when it seemed like everybody else turned their backs on me. I decided to keep DREAMING when everybody else looked at my life as a nightmare! I decided to keep my FAITH in that man up above when everybody else thought I was crazy! I decided to take CONTROL of my life and situation instead of relying on a J-O-B to just get me by again!

Life is all about the decision you make, are you making the right decision to live that life you really want to live?

The GPS Success Guide will help you clear all that unneeded junk out of you life so that you have room for the PROSPERITY that awaits you!

PRE-ORDER my book today and get the eBook version for F.REE!
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Changing Lives,
Gerald P. Simmons Jr.
King of Prosperity

"I am who I am today, because I DECIDED who I wanted to BE"

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