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An article giving some ideas to a gentleman on how he might initiate a conversation with a lady he wishes to get to know better perhaps with the intension of romance or friendship.

Many are the things that may arise between a man and a woman, ranging from sexual intimacy to friendship yet it would be safe to declare that before they do; initial contact must be made. This usually arriving in the form of conversation yet before matters even get to the stage that sees two people exchanging not only facts about each other but ideas concerning the affairs of the world; there has to be that which figuratively speaking “breaks the ice” or starts us talking. It is with the intent of passing on ideas regarding this first step that I chose to write this article; as I truly believe based on my vast experiences that starting conversation is as hard or as easy as we make it. This regardless of whom we may wish to talk to; for what ever purpose.

For starters I would recommend to those wishing to start a conversation to do their utmost to relax. This being the case for if one thinks the matter over intelligently there is no reason not to, for all we are doing is trying to talk to someone which in and of itself is but a way for two people to get to know one another. As for an opening comment which I would suggest to those who might need to make one. It is to them that I recommend to keep it simple as all they really need do is just get things started and not much else therefore any comment about what may be around us at the time should work at least to achieve this aim. For instance we might say something about the furniture in the room where we find ourselves in or the sort of place it happens to be and then wait for a response. Of course like in life there is no way that is bound to be successful 100% of the time with everybody but it has been my experience as well as that of many others that this approach usually works. Naturally there are those who may strive to be witty yet it is my believe that perhaps it is best to wait till conservation has taken off (so to speak) to expose that side of our personality, along with some more personal aspects of ourselves.

Once conversation has started I have noticed that what is usually most effective with not only women but anybody we wish to meet regardless of our purpose in wanting to do so is to talk about ourselves and what makes us who we are; naturally allowing the person we are exchanging ideas with to do likewise. This always with the intension of discovering what we have in common that we may use to build a relationship on which could come in the form of friendship though can extend to more intimate forms. It is there that I have noticed during the years that all we need do is speak and listen though perhaps the later of these two being of more importance for when we do so we see for ourselves what that person is really like. This as both our perhaps sexual desire and more importantly as a human being. It being like with any other conversation for if we consider the issue in a perhaps philosophical way; why should a man talk any differently to a woman he is trying to seduce than to one he is not or a man whom he simply wishes to be on friendly terms with. After all the purpose may be another but the concept of two human beings getting better acquainted is the same with the exception being that perhaps a man and a woman who are taken by the ways of mutual attraction might wish to see theirs end in the physical that usually comes as a result of their having taken a liking to one another.

Naturally as is the case with most things there is much that one can not be told but must feel for oneself and one of them being if the person in question has the same interest in us that we do in them and it is here where we must observe for ourselves; judging if perhaps it is best to move on to somebody who will be more enthusiastic about us. Needless to say it is best if the person or lady we are interested in is also keen on us yet if we detect they are not then perhaps it would be advisable to simply move on to someone who might be. This always taking in to consideration that no matter how interesting or beautiful or handsome or charming we are or think we are; there is always someone whose taste inclines to what be different and not because there may be something not right with us or them but us simply not being what they are looking for. It is then that in my opinion, our best move would be to excuse ourselves and wish the person well as perhaps our paths were not intended to cross.

In all this I would like to state that though there are no definite rules; there is one suggestion I might make to those who wish their conversation to lead to a sexual encounter and that being that perhaps it is not always the wisest strategy to concentrate on this factor. This being my advice since sometimes concentrating too much on this angle may put added stress on some to say that which might be most inappropriate and even offensive to the one they wish to show the romantic side of their nature to. In stating this I would also like to make it clear that putting to much attention on this part of the conversation may prevent us from enjoying what in fact could be an enchanting talk which might even serve as a way in to the acts we wish to perform if we just take it in stride.

As for another idea that might help in this area I would like to mention that it is also of the utmost significance for us to concentrate on the facial gestures and body language being sent out by the lady we are speaking to that may tell us as much (if not more) as her words. This being in the way we are gazed upon or the manner in which eyes might meet and even lock or a smile or just simply a look of being at ease with us. All of these being signs that should never be overlooked as they are also a part of us and the ways we as human beings use to communicate to one another.

In conclusion I would like to say that though many are the ways to getting better acquainted with a lady whose beauty or charm might have caught our attention; there is really none which is best for what one woman may find to be a turn on another may find to be anything but that yet it is my believe that conversation that exposes our minds is amongst the most effective. Naturally always being friendly, never forgetting that at the end of it all and in spite of anything else; we are all people reaching out to another person who just may be right for us. All of which making it clear why we should not limit ourselves to merely talking about what be superficial yet going deeper to that which comprises the people we are both intellectually and spiritually.

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