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I Thought I Heard the Lion's Roar - Cindy L. Allen, Author

I Thought I Heard the Lion’s Roar – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘I have heard the roar of the lion – have you? Maybe it came in the form
of a betrayal from someone you loved. Perhaps it was hidden behind the
words of an employer who told you that your services were no longer

needed. Maybe it was disguised in the phone call you received from the
doctor saying that he had bad news. I believe we all sometimes hear the
lion’s roar, though we often fail to recognize it for what it is.’

Cindy Allen and her husband have had their share of hearing the lion’s
roar. When the company you work for “downsizes” it sometimes means you
must do the same. In Cindy and Jim Allen’s case, it meant even more.

They struggled with the loss of Jim’s job, reserve funds running out and
jobs seeming to be almost extinct. Through their own “downsizing” they
were faced with the possibilities of moving from Michigan to Maine and

later to South Carolina. Either of these moves would not only take them
away from their beloved state of Michigan but also their family and
friends. So, how do you cope with the trials that are placed in front

of you and not give up on God? You become stronger in your beliefs as
every obstacle is tossed your way. You don’t give up and you don’t blame
yourself nor God.

I don’t know that I’ve ever known anyone as strong willed and strong in
faith as Cindy Allen. As I read I Thought I Heard the Lion’s
, I found myself finding many times that I would have thrown up
my hands and said I give up. At least that’s what would probably have
happened before reading this inspiring book of faith. Cindy Allen
has given me, as well as everyone who reads her book, the references
needed to help you fight the battles you are faced with when you “hear
the lion’s roar.”


Tate Publishing & Enterprise

161 Pages

ISBN# 978-1-60696-306-7

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