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Is Life a Gift From God or An Obligation?

An article about the gift of life, which is said to be God’s greatest.

Before I start this article, I would like to make it clear that I am an agnostic, this meaning that I have not ruled out that possibility that a god might exist though I have not accepted by reason that one by all means has to be. I however for my part can say that I am not one who feels the need to obtain this knowledge regarding weather God is a certainty or not as I regardless of which have chosen to life my life a certain way which I will not change, specially should there be a god.

Regarding the teachings of the bible, however it is on this topic that I do have firm views on, as I have read this book and like most have interpreted it with my own wisdom and logic; which I am not one to believe will necessarily be everybody’s. The bible claims and I refer to this source since it is said to be the word of God, directly passed on from him to us, his creation or so such is credited by some that life is a gift from God. This meaning that God loved man and wanted to share his feelings of the same and therefore created him in his own image. As he passed on what many consider his greatest gift of all which is life.

I, however for my own have come to believe based on what I have read in the bible and if this source holds any truth to it; that life is not a gift from God but an obligation of the worse kind, since man never asked for it; nor did he ever accept it under the conditions which it was given to him. This concept of mine coming from what I perceive a true gift to be; which is what we receive with the giver wanting nothing in return. This being for instance what could come in the form of a book; which we may do with as we please. We may read it but do not have to, we may keep it or throw it away or sell it if we choose to do so or destroy it should this be our desire. This the case with a real gift, however if we are given a book and told that this is a book which we have to read every day, learn by heart and can not give away, sell or damage in anyway with the threat of punishment if we do; then this book is no longer a gift but an unfair obligation.

It is this logic, which I am aware some may even find as absurd which has lead me to believe that if life does indeed come from God, it should be no means be considered a gift, of any kind but an obligation, unfairly passed on to us. This being the case since God never asked us or even our ancestors, whom he is said to have created if we wanted this so called gift of life or would accept it under the conditions he was giving it to us. These conditions being the ones that dictate that we have to live by his rules, following his will alone and for the most part living our lives exclusively for him with nothing but him in mind, where failure to do so will lead to castigation from his part. I ask myself is this really the sort of gift I would want to receive, to which I reply in the negative in the most determined way as I feel a gift, if handed with noble intentions holds not conditions, not even that the person or group of people who receive enjoy it. This being the case for they may choose simply to throw it away but even this God forbids; for doing so is considered a sin, which carries tremendous punishment which if one thinks over the matter with logic bares none. For at the end; is it not like throwing away what one never asked for in the first place but was given and if life is a gift in reality then should we; those who receive not have the right to use it as we wish and or not at all if such should be our desire, without having to explain our selves to anybody, much less be punished.

I am naturally aware that some will always consider life to be a gift from god and it is not this concept which I wish to change however it is with the desire of passing on a perhaps new idea that I chose to write this article. This idea being that if God truly wanted to present us with a gift called life, then he should have given it to us with no conditions what so ever, specially since he never asked if we would accept them or not. No conditions meaning that we will not be punished for not following his rules and are free to live as we humans deem fit to do so, in a world where we do not have to live our lives with the intent of pleasing him but he with the intent of pleasing us.

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