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It's Murder, My Son - Lauren Carr, Author

It’s Murder, My Son – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

A noise outside made her jump out of the recliner. She glanced at the
clock. Almost nine. Could Chad have decided to come out when I
mentioned my appointment with the divorce lawyer? Maybe he does love my
money more than he loves Rachel. She listened. Nothing except the
wind signaling the blizzard’s approach. Maybe I should call David?
No. It wouldn’t look good if Chad found him here. He’s already
suspicious. The German shepherd began scratching at the back door. Not
again, you damn dog! When you aren’t wanting out or in, you’re digging
up the back yard. With a groan, she pulled herself out of the recliner
and let the dog out onto the patio. As long as she was up, she poured
herself another martini and admired her reflection in the mirror behind
the bar before returning to her seat for another sitcom. Her mind
sucked in by the television, Katrina was unprepared to fight when her
killer attacked and pinned her down by her throat.'
“Did you really think I was going to let you leave?” she heard through the roar in her ears while gasping her last breath.

The front foyer of Spencer Manor stretched up two stories to the
cathedral ceiling paneled in cedar. Granite slabs made up the floors
throughout the home, including the three steps that led down to the
dining room which opened up onto the deck overlooking the lake.
Colorful afghans were draped across leather furniture in the living
room, which was twice the size of the one in the home Mac’s ex-wife had
won from him thirty days earlier. Stone fireplaces commanded every
room. Every window and door provided a view of Deep Creek Lake. This
was just a small portion of what Mac Faraday, policeman and illegitimate
son of mystery writer Robin Spence, inherited at her death.
When Robin’s solicitor tracked Mac down, he was just getting over a
divorce where the court awarded his wife, who was having an affair with
the assistant district attorney, their home as well as everything else
of value. Now Mac finds himself with more money than he could ever
imagine. He has become a retired policeman and multi-millionaire
overnight. But that’s not all he has become. Mac also finds out that
he has a ½ brother who not only lives in Spencer but who is also a
policeman, as was their father. And then Mac finds himself to be the
owner of Gnarly a German Shepherd retired from the military with a
dishonorable discharge. Oh yeah, he also finds himself working with the
police to solve several murders, both old and new.
It’s Murder, My Son was a hard puzzle to put together. It starts out with one murder which leads to another then another and so on. But are they all connected or individual crimes?
About half way into It’s Murder, My Son I just knew I had determined who
committed at least 2 of the murders. My suspect had no alibi where
everyone else did. I will tell you that I was wrong. Author Lauren
Carr took this book all the way to the end before allowing you to see
the who, the why and the how. Great Book and I hope to read more Mac
Faraday Mysteries.

286 Pages
ISBN# 9781452819433

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