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Jobless Recovery – Second Addition – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

Dear David R. Griffin:
By now you are aware of the unprecedented opportunity Markham-Hook Conglomerate has encountered. I am sure you rejoice at our good fortune
and wish us every success in our leap forward into the global future.
Unfortunately, David R. Griffin, you have not been selected to continue the journey with Markham-Hook Conglomerate. Your position with the company has been eliminated and
will terminate on May 1st of this year. As part of your
duties before you depart, you will be required to engage in knowledge
transfer, making sure your replacement from India
knows how to perform your job in a satisfactory manner. In addition,
you must successfully complete all projects on your current work list.
Can you imagine receiving a letter like this, or maybe you have or know someone who has. The letter is clearly a form letter with the name of
the recipient inserted. And the company has the audacity to inform
David that he must train his replacement before leaving. As I
read Jobless Recovery I started recognizing things that I really had
taken for granted. I knew that whenever I needed tech support for my
computer, phone or just about anything electronic I would end up talking
to someone who I assumed was from a foreign country, not really knowing
if the help was actually being processed here in the US or from another
country. As the story of David and later Joe and Lark continued I
started wondering how much of this was based on facts so I contacted the
Author. Below is the answers to my questions to her.


The part in the book about American tech workers losing their jobs to cheaper tech workers imported from India is absolutely true. Have Americans had to train their replacements? Absolutely true. Are the imported workers paid less than the Americans?
Absolutely. Outsourcing is bad--jobs go to other countries,
or wherever. But insourcing, bringing workers to the United States on
work visas to undercut wages and take jobs from Americans right in this
country, is far worse. It is absolutely true that this is happening. I
have firsthand experience and I can promise you it's the truth.

Please go here for all the facts, statistics, and information you may need. I can vouch for this site as being honest and telling the facts. It's a real eye-opener:

I have called Washington (many times) and I was told this is legal and there's nothing I can do about it. I even have it in writing from the U.S. Department of Labor that the H-1B law is full of loopholes and there are no protections whatsoever for American workers. The worker importation laws were signed
into law by President Clinton.
Since then, you can see what's happened to the economy. I have called
senators and representatives, the White House, The U.S. Department of
Labor, and the U.S. Department of Commerce. I received absurd answers
very much like those given to my main character in the book. The line
where a staffer tells Dave that since workers have their money in the
stock market, anything corporations do to increase profits is good for
workers even if they lose their jobs was actually said to me by someone
at the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. I've paraphrased and that isn't an exact
quote, but it's pretty close.

For so many years Americans have been expected to drive the world economy with consumerism, but how are we to do this without jobs? Every company wants the benefits of doing business in the U.S. with
its stable government and relatively affluent consumer base, but they
don't want to hire Americans and pay American wages and adhere to American labor laws. At the same time they expect Americans to fight and die in the U.S. military
to protect their interests. First they told us we didn't want service
jobs, so when those went away we were told to upgrade our skills and
get manufacturing jobs. When those went away, they told us to get an
education and get tech jobs. Now those are gone to outsourcing and
insourcing and we're told that it's globalization and we are supposed to
"deal with it." Anyone with half a brain can see that we've been lied
to you and thrown by the wayside. It's all due to the sickness of
greed. Time for Americans to wake up, get mad, and vote out the people
who have sold us out.

Jobless Recovery is another well written book by Author L. C. Evans. She has added humor to help us process the truth behind the fiction in the story
of David, Joe and Lark, but at the same time she opened my eyes to what
is really going on in our country as well as other countries, with most
of us being totally unaware. Jobless Recovery is a book that I highly
recommend we all read.
ISBN 9781453792711
226 pages

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