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Jodi's Journey - Rita Hestand, Author (Due for release 3/1/10)

Jodi's Journey - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

"Your anger is like a dirty quilt, smothering you, it's time to get out from under it and get on with the living again, girl," the old man muttered with sad regret, as he tried uselessly to move something other than his head against the creaking bunk. "The wars been over nearly four years. You have to get over the hurt it has caused; you have to let it go, in order to heal."

After her brother left to fight for the south, dying in the process, and her father just ran away, Jodi has the full responsibility of caring for their ranch. Along with that responsibility is the task of getting her cattle, as well as the cattle belonging to other ranchers in her hometown of Esser Crossing, halfway across the country to market. This is a task her Forman Clem knows she can't do alone. His suggestion to her is to hire Hunt Johnson, the town's coward, to help.

Jodi doesn't take kindly to this suggestion. After all, how can a "coward" be trusted to be responsible for the future of Esser? But Jodi has a secret problem that she will tell no one and this cattle drive is her only chance of resolving that problem. As it turns out, Hunt Johnson has his own secrets and memories of the war that he too is battling with. So when they join forces, their own deep dark secrets almost get them both killed.

This is the second novel that I've read by Rita Hestand. My first book by her was Hannah's Man and I have to say that she puts so much love and feeling into every chapter of both books, that you can't help but love her work. She allows you to feel the pain and fears of each character, as well as the abundance of their love. I'm not a fond reader of western romances but I will read every novel that Rita Hestand writes with no hesitation.

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