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Kidnapped by the Cartel - Karen D. Scioscia, Author

Kidnapped by the Cartel - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; A Book and A Dish  

Day three in hell began with Steve finally falling into a fitful sleep around three o’clock in the morning.  He woke up at five.  It took almost an entire pot of java to clear his head.  He sat at the kitchen table, reviewing the situation.  The previous night he had called all of Amanda’s friends listed in their address book, and no one knew anything.  Or at least they weren’t saying.  Someone has to know something.  Other occasions when Amanda had “seemed to vanish,” someone had known where she was.  This time, all of the players appeared clueless… Where the hell is Amanda?
Amanda couldn’t believe a stranger had driven away with her car and she’d done nothing.  While upset by this, she remained consumed by her desire for drugs.  I won’t freak out, Amanda thought, trying to calm herself.  These guys said I can get my car back when I want.  I’ll just have them take me to my car after I get high… “Where are we going?  Amanda murmured, desperate for drugs.  She knew she was in bad shape.  Neither man answered.  They could see that the girl was too messed up for the question to matter… Where the hell is Amanda
Amanda Tate’s parents Steve and Diane had tried everything to control her addiction to drugs but to no avail.  She had been in and out of rehabs only to meet others that could help her score once she got out.  When Amanda called Steve asking that he pick her up he knew she was strung out and took her straight to the center only to be turned away because they had a full house.  The only option he had was to take her home and guard her well as her body brought itself down from the drugs.  He just didn’t count on her slipping out while he and Diane went to the store.  And when calls to her cell phone were answered by a Spanish speaking man in Mexico he knew his daughter was in deep trouble. 
Kidnapped by the Cartel a parent’s worst nightmare.  Author Karen D. Scioscia takes us into the bowels of Tijuana, Mexico where young girls are kidnapped, drugged, tortured and used.  We as Americans have always heard about young girls running off to Hollywood only to end up on drugs and becoming prostitutes to support their habits.  What we don’t hear about are those that go south and end up in Mexico where drugs are plentiful and free – but for a price.  As long as you’re in with the Cartel you can count on only the best drugs to sniff, snort and shoot up.  They are hooked so deeply into the drugs that they will do anything to keep them coming.  But what if you want out?  There is only one way out for these girls and that is by death.  Either the drugs will get them, they will serve their use and no longer be useful or they try to run.  Either way the end is almost always the same… death.
Amanda’s story is fiction but it is based on a true story and taken from the notes, recollections and interviews of people and agencies involved in an abduction of family member of the author.  Even if there was no truth to this story its one that I have no doubt tells the true happenings going on every day within the areas controlled by the Cartel.  This is a book that every parent should read and pray that your daughter nor granddaughter is never put into this type of situation.  That goes true for your sons and grandsons too because it’s not just the girls that are used but the boys are too.

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