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Lighting the Dark Side - William R. Potter, Author

Lighting The Dark Side - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

Bent, Not Broken

He set his mug on the kitchen counter; and he knew that the mug was
nineteen inches from the refrigerator, nineteen from the sink, eleven
from the backsplash, and eleven more from falling to the floor. He
washed his hands for exactly one hundred and nineteen seconds and ran a
hand through his hair for the third time.

Dwayne Johnson has OCD. Can the “Black-Coat Girl” that he sees at the
bus stop every morning save him from himself or will he destroy her?

In The Gray

I was “in the gray,” that often-mystifying state, somewhere between
sleep and consciousness where dreams blend with reality and voices on
the television can be mistaken for a lost lover’s whisper.

Michael Conner is torn between a mother in denial about life and caring
for his son and precious Tia. What would you do if put into his

Prominent Couple Slain

Staal shook his head. Even after seventeen years on the job, he had
never gotten used to humanity’s capacity of violence and cruelty. The
room reeked of burnt gunpowder and blood. It was the smell of murder.

What were a husband and wife doing in the apartment of one of their
employees with a bullet in each of their heads. The wife held the gun so
it’s apparently a murder suicide, or is it?

May 18th

“Look!” Kelly-Anne said aloud. “Meteors.” Trevor turned toward the city
and watched the rocks streak across the sky and disappear on the
horizon. Something was coming. The question on his mind was probably the
same as for most people on the mountain. The sober ones, at least.
Would this be it? A memorable night with a few shooting stars or was
this the precursor of a much more serious event?

The commet, that has been named IVAN after the man who discovered it, is
headed for earth. Can Trevor change the fate of the future by changing
the events leading up to it? Maybe.

Blessed or Cursed?

‘Cutler had no idea how life had changed since I won almost twelve
million in the lottery five months ago. The charities, both bogus and
legit, hounded us night and day. The phone calls from past colleagues,
cousins I never knew, everyone with their hand out for a piece of my

Would you consider yourself “Blessed” if you won the lottery? After
reading Brad’s story, I might agree that it’s possibly a “Curse.”

Surviving the Fall

“Is the shooter still in the house, Mr. Goodal?” “Yes, I think he’s
dead.” “Dead, sir?” “Yes, I killed him.” James set the phone aside and
took Ashley’s hand in his. “It’s ok, Ashley. They’re coming. Just hold
on, sweetie. Hold on. “I love – you – James,” Ashley said almost
silently, and then her body wilted and her eyes rolled back and closed.

His whole life, James Goodal has been a rescuer of stray animals. Today,
just days before Christmas, he rescues 14 year old Ashley form her life
on the streets. Can he help her?

Lighting the Dark Side is a collection of short stories filled
with compassion, fear, anger, and even a little happiness. Each has it’s
own story and hidden lesson, making each enjoyable in its own way.

Xlibris Corp.
260 pages

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