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Lor Mandela - Destruction from Twins - L. Carroll, Author

Lor Mandela – Destruction from Twins – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
Destruction of twins, and so it must end.
They are the lock, yet they are not friends.
The Child of Balance can only restore.
Her father the key and she is the door.
The Riddle now told, the Advantiere presents,
Healing begins following events.
  ONE comes swiftly in the morning
  ONE unknowing moves in haste
  ONE beloved through mighty fallen
  ONE is chosen to forget her place
  Elahk E Ber Lor Mandela!
  One through strong must fall forbidden.
  One made low shall rise again.
  One must be as these words written
  Then will One forever reign.
  Elahk A Ber Lor Mandela!
This is the puzzle that must be solved to save the world of Lor Mandela.  The destruction of the planet started with the death of the matriarchal leader known as the Vritesse of Lor Mandela, who prior to her death had to choose her successor between her two twin daughters.  Anika had the strongest will whereas Lantalia was the kindest.  Both were qualified but only one could rule.  Which would it be?  Little did she know that her choice would bring vengeance between the two ending in complete destruction of their sisterhood.  Will one be stronger than the other and rule their world?  To complicate things even more, Anika’s daughter's former entrusted (husband) Darian has swore to seek revenge upon her, her family and put himself into a position as ruler.  But does he have the strength to pull it off?
And then there is Maggie Baker, a 17 year old living in what she calls the most boring town on earth.  When she starts seeing hundreds of tiny lights buzzing around her window, she knows it’s nothing more than a stupid dream.  But when the dream starts taking her in places that she can’t identify she starts believing that these dreams aren’t your every night dreams.  So who is Maggie and how does she fit into the world of Lor Mandela? 
When I made it to the last page of Lor Mandela I had one thing to say “NO!  Don’t end now!”  This book contained some of the most creative characters I’ve ever found in a book of this type.  The Shadow Dwellers can fade in and out of the shadows and move at high speeds won me over.  The Sybran Forest that draws it’s branches up as beings entered, were easily within my ability to imagine.  But my favorite characters had to be the Shadow Squanki which is a magical creature who can camouflage into its surroundings and create portals allowing them to move from place to place.  And they will do just about anything for their favorite food the cricket. 
This author kept me so involved in the story of Lor Mandela that I found myself thinking about the riddle and it's meaning while driving to and from work each day.  So, Author L. Carroll, I’m ready for the next chapter of Lor Mandela and hope I don’t have to wait too long.  This book was great!
390 pages
L. Carroll
Author of the Lor Mandela Series
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