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Love Waits - Donald James Parker, Author

Love Waits – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
“You’re still a virgin!” Judy’s tone softened. “You know, girl, I can help you out here, so you can drop out of the losers club. I have a friend, wickedly
cute by the way, who’s got the same condition as you. I told him I’d
be glad to help him solve his problem, but he doesn’t want to be with a
girl who’s already done it. I think he feels insecure. You guys would
be perfect for each other.”
Peer Pressure – As parents, we all know it’s there, but do we
really know how strong it can be? There are two kinds of peer pressure
– one good and one bad. In Love Waits, Cheri is faced with both. At
14, should she take the sex plunge that Judy and some of the other
girls have taken, or should she follow God’s word and take the pledge to
stay pure until marriage? It’s a hard decision to make, especially
after meeting Duke, the boy that Judy wants to set her up with. So
which pressure will be the strongest and win Cheri over?
Love Waits clearly brings to light the pressures faced by teens every day. As I remember back to my own teenage years, I can remember some of these pressures and
how hard they were to resist. But I also feel that as time goes on,
the pressures increase with each generation. Love Waits is a book that I
wish had been around when my children were growing up. I would loved
to have read it first, so I could better understand what my teens were
going through, and then had them read it letting them know that they
aren't alone. That there are kids out there just like them that have
and are going through the same pressures. That they will carry the
choices they make throughout their lives. To me, this is a book that
needs to be read by all parents and teens.

Sword of the Spirit Publishers
218 Pages
ISBN 978-0-5780-1560-6

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