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Lovely Princess Karen Sue Cantrell Of The Republic of Aquitaine

A group of poems dedicated to Princess Karen Sue Cantrell of The Republic of Aquitaine, who though I can not claim her title to be authentic or not did in a way inspire these poems.

A- Lovely Princess Karen Sue Cantrell Of The Republic of Aquitaine

Dear Princess Cantrell of noble fiber ye be
as one since époque of fairy tale
ever enchanting from days of old
to behold lady in thee

Dear Princess Cantrell though thine be
domain minute thou be regal in ye
presence for in radiance of thee all be
magical ast thou have created thus
a world of image to thee grace

Dearest Princess Cantrell ye haveth
golden tresses to shine as thine tiara
upon crowning to thee glory majestic
for thou art grand ever exquisite
in detail of feature to compose visage
divine whilst emerald do serve thee
to gaze ast mirror to fine soul

Most elegant Princess Cantrell thee be
of elongated limbs ever gracious
on movement ast to edify the arts
be they ballerina to dance or
swan to glace on lake as painting
to encompass ye in all thine beauty
whilst symphony doest ye voice
to grandeur of thee oh, delicate being

Imperial Princess Cantrell ye be adorned
in threads a silk and satin as titles galore
be heaped on to thee yet it be not these
to lend credit on to ye save thine lavishness
to deliver merit upon them for thou art true

Kind Princess Cantrell friend mine
treasure in adoration for nay be verse
or rhyme naught bows a curtsy to rise
as thee lady fair

B- Kasiutrella On To My Love As Summer

Kasiutrella ye be on to adoration mine ast summer
for I do love thee so ast thine warmth taketh mine skin
casting inner passions to rise beyond discretion for thou be beauty
of color ever true as ye doest upon me to thee as spell
of lust ardent

Kasiutrella yet being my desire for thee as on to summer,
never be reliant upon wherest thou may espouse
ways likewise for like season of heat
reason to my adoration be not based
to that which might requited be
save my appreciation for lady ever lovely
as summer in all glory that be

kasiutrella thus may come to pass
ast to thine retort in adulation mine
for in disparity to summer
thou be comprised in emotions to be captured
in spirit of affections mine
yet shall we nay on to other be
love beheld never to banish
for part in ye admirer hold nay
conditions of return

C- Kasiutrella, Princess Of Lust

Regal ye be of noble cobalt blood
as ways of aristocrat ye take to since
birth from cradle lain upon luxury
ever decorous be thine to cherish in
life privileged

Oh, doll lovely of eyes azure
whilst tresses golden be ast crown
to child adorned in graceful visage
in beauty’s tribute on to ye fairy princess
of white carnation from which ruby
taketh flight on to gaze from thine lips

Kasiutrella ye art royal
for doubt be not cast upon thee
yet in thine ways imperial thou be woman
of sensuality for passion in thein veins
doest scurry as ardent crimson
of fire burning in night

Sensual Kasiutrella it taketh cover
beneath thine fine threads of satin
wherest be found feminine of chaste sexuality
as in ye be comprised the utmost lust
as woman extraordinaire in that which
taketh shape in bosom plump as taste
to thine tenderness be but all
too exquisite scarlet found upon
mound glorious of ye

Kasiutrella thou be not deprived
by title for ye be gifted ast thou art kind
in proportions magnificent to thine gender
of legs nay unaware to silk’s supple stroke
lending fashion to desire whilst thou reward
admirer worthy of ye in tidal waves of
emotions to bliss

Kasiutrella it be in flight of crises
wherest flower of thine femininity receiveth
spray of desire’s storm for on to ye be delivered
all of splendor in moment cache to he in adulation
to match ye in force of immodest moment
for if all be thou art lady ever grand

Caring Kasiutrella
yet above all thee be of virtue
for it be pure love in thine core
to ennoble acts of measly carnality
to heave as angelic ye be
upon where thee haveth vantage point
as to gaze upon I with thine tenderness
ever true ast be heart of Princess
indulging on those beloved to thee

Adored kasiutrella thus I do refer to thee
as in boldness I take as such upon my liberties
in hope slight to be likewise on to ye
for captive thou have made me on to thee
by thine being so much graced in ways of true
beauty from within ast to lend acclaim
on to what be external

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