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Murder at Cuyamaca Beach - Sue McGinty,Author

Murder at Cuyamaca Beach – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘We settled in water up to my waist and turned to face each other. Hands intertwined, we jumped up and down in the waves like idiots in a Monte Python
movie. I relaxed a bit. Moving around definitely made me warmer.
“Oof.” Something hit me, sending a sharp pain into my side. I released
Mike’s hand and turned, wobbled slightly and then righted myself. A
red surfboard bobbed beside me. The top sported a black mountain log.
My heart skipped a beat, then another. Sereno Cellars used a black
mountain against a red background on their wine labels. “What the
hell?” Mike asked, staring at the board. I grabbed it, uncertain of
what to do next. I squinted toward the beach. Even with limited sight,
I could see that a restless, unsettled feeling hovered over the beach.
Onlookers huddled in small groups. Lifeguards
leapt from their stations. Whistles shrilled as they bolted toward the
water. “Shark!” The lifeguards shouted, and then again. And again.
“Everyone out. Now!” Sirens erupted from the patrol boats stationed
beyond the breakers. ‘

Bella Kowalski and her husband Mike spent New Year’s Eve working a fund raiser for the homeless. New Year’s Day has taken them to the beach where the Polar Bear Club will take their 1st plunge of the year into the Oacufuc;s icy waters. But Bella will not only find herself facing her 1st body of freezing goose bumps, she will also find herself coming face to face with the death of a friend.

Loreli Sereno died 5 years ago. The police had originally suspected foul play but later ruled the death as an accident. Now, with the death of her
sister, the case has been reopened and Bella’s husband Mike, an
ex-policeman, will be handling this “cold case” for the Tolosa County Sheriff’s Department. Is there a connection between the deaths?

Bella finds her plate full as she tries to determine who killed both of her friends, what is really going on at the homeless ranch run by Marcus Daniel and
his foster son Jeremy? What is Father Burton hiding? To add more
pressure to her spinning life, Bella finds herself taking in her 18 year
old nephew and an increase in responsibility at the local paper where
she’s in charge of writing the obits. Oh, did I mention that she also
has a friendly ghost that lives in their windmill home? Never a dull
day in the life of Bella Kowalski.

I know murder is serious business, but Author Sue McGinty’s style of writing in Murder at Cuyamaca Beach puts suspense, a little drama and a hit of humor in
her story. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and know you will
too. It’s so down to earth and human.

Aberdeen Bay
263 pages
ISBN# 978-1-60830-037-2

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