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Murders Do Not Come by Accident - Edward T. Cook, Author

Murders Do Not Come by Accident - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

'She had just started to walk by a tightly clumped set of evergreens, when all of a sudden she felt a large heat searing pressure on her chest. She fell backwards, dumbfounded. She glanced down at her chest and observed a large set of deer antlers had penetrated her chest and lungs. Her last thoughts before she lost consciousness were why would a deer attack me?'

Karen Flowers was the first "accidents" to occur in the small college town of Marquette, Michigan. Within just a few days there would be three other "accidents" that Detective John Cook was starting to believe were more than what they appeared to be. Through his keen mind, police training and gathering of evidence he comes to the conclusion that they are not accidents but murders.

In Murders Do Not Come by Accident, Author Edward T. Cook takes us through the steps that only a well trained police officer, such as himself, would know. He leads us through the gathering of the evidence, it's admission to the labs, putting the puzzle together to acquire warrants, and finally, going after the suspect. This was an enjoyable book.

ISBN #1-58961-513-1
PageFree Publishing, Inc.
67 pages

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