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My Mother the Man Eater - Tracy Krauss, Author

My Mother The Man Eater – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
“I was a dancer,” Joleen said, glancing up to gage his reaction.  “Of the exotic variety.”  “I see.  And your husband didn’t mind?”  William
questioned.  “It was his idea to begin with,” Joleen answered back,
somewhat defensive.  “And I didn’t take everything off.  I think he took
some kind of sick pleasure in the fact that other men wanted me, but I
was ‘his’.”  “And you didn’t object to that?” William asked candidly. 
“I had no choice in the matter,” Joleen shrugged.  “What do you
mean?”  “O’Brighton was also our landlord.  He had some very persuasive
techniques for getting people to pay money that they owed him.” 
“Sounds like a very unsavory character,” William noted.  “And what
about after Harold went to prison?  You continued ‘working’ for
O’Brighton?”  “Harold had made a lot of enemies.  I needed the extra
cash flow to keep my family safe.”
Joleen Allen is 44 years old and has 5 daughters.  Jennifer is her quiet one.  She still lives at home, works for a publishing house and enjoys
quiet evenings with a good book.  Jill is a police officer who has
designated herself as the family protector.  Jinger lives at home and
is a designer waiting on the right person to come along and take her to
the top of the clothing world.  Jasmine, lives alone and even though
she is the oldest, she has very little to do with her mother and
siblings.  Her time is tied up with acquiring new advertising accounts
and drowning her sorrows in a bottle.  Jade, the youngest, still lives
at home and has nothing really going for her.  She works 2 jobs, one at
a coffee shop and one as a ticket seller at a cinema.  Her favorite
pastime – getting high with her boyfriend.  These are Joleen’s
daughters.  She loves them dearly but they all seem to clash when
together.  As for Joleen, she loves men.  Young men.  But she has
finally come to the conclusion that something is missing in her life. 
She needs to find a man who she just might be able to stick with and
settle down some.  She has her eye on Sam in the delivery bay where she
works and he seems to have an eye for her.  So when he finally asks
her out, she accepts.  But she also likes the instructor from her self
defense class and the teacher from her English lit class and then there
was the guy who came in to talk her methods of selling lingerie and oh
how can she ever pass up the motorcycle jumper she met at the race
track.  She can handle it.  She will just have to juggle her time. 
As you can see, this is one mixed up family.  As things heat up with arguments between the girls and Joleen trying to shuffle her boyfriends,
in walks Joleen’s ex-husband.  He has served his time in prison and is
bent on destroying the lives of not just Joleen but also the lives of
the girls.  To do this he has decided to take Joleen to court stating
that the divorce and her infidelity ended with him requiring psychiatric
I don’t know where to start with my recommendations for My Mother The Man Eater.  We all have skeletons in our family closets, somewhere.  Most
of us handle them by keeping the door locked, hoping no one finds the
key.  But what happens if those secrets of the past do get out? 
Whether we are the one hiding something or we find that someone we love
has been hiding secrets from us, how do we handle it?  Author Tracy
Krauss has taken a family who’s past becomes exposed.  Piece by piece
the family is torn apart and separated.  But, as they all slowly start
realizing, there is one being and feeling that can bring it all back
together.  The being is God and the feeling is Love. 
My Mother The Man Eater is a book that I recommend to everyone.. man, woman, father, mother, grandparent, son, daughter.  The message in this
book is loud and clear and I feel it has a message for everyone, no
matter who you are.  I simply loved this book.
ISBN - 978-1-60976-585-9
555 pages
Published - Nov. 2010
Strategic Book Publishing, New York, NY
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters-Indigo, or directly from the publisher:

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