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" Reader's review proffers the "Sleeper Cell" thriller"


Henderson, Nevada, May 7, 2010, A recent review proffered by a reader
“Sleeper Cell” reflected some prominent relationships to the recent
attack in
Times Square, New York City. The novel released in October,
2009 crosses the boundary between fiction and reality, merging our post
9/11 world with that of a terrifying, apocalyptic future. The story
involves a
“Sleeper Cell,” an agent placed into the country, not to
undertake an immediate mission, but to activate at a later point in
time. The reader tendered a review that read:

“The headline reads, “Police hold suspect in N.Y. bomb case. Pakistani
arrested at the airport.”
USA Today May 4, 2010. Another unrelated
headline reads; “‘24’ Goes out with a bash.”
Las Vegas Review-Journal
May 4, 2010. “The suspects name is Faisal Shahzad. He attempted to blow
up a bomb on one of the busiest streets in the world.” The T.V. series
‘24’, executive producer Howard Gordon, ran out of ideas for new
stories. Jack Bauer won’t be around to save us next season. Had Mr.
Gordon read Ralph L. McNeal’s book
“Sleeper Cell” he may have an idea
for season nine? But, we may have a needed God’s help had Mr. Shahzad
read this thriller.”

The novel is currently being offered internationally on book selling
sites in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany,
India, Liberia, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy,
Bulgaria, Finland, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, the Netherlands, Japan and

The author, Ralph L. McNeal, Sr. has spent most of his professional
life in the venture capital industry. He has authored a novel that
brings into play global financial considerations and futuristic
financial uncertainties. Ralph has been employed in a financial and
management capacity in both the public and private sectors and lectures
widely on subjects of entrepreneurship, venture capitalism, and
financial planning. He is a graduate of Central State University,
Wilberforce, Ohio.

"Sleeper Cell," his first published book, is soon to
be followed by its sequel,
“The Venture Capitalist.”

AuthorHouse is the premier publishing house for emerging authors and
new voices in literature. For a complimentary copy of this book for
review, members of the media can contact the AuthorHouse Promotional
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