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New Thriller Pursues Identity of Sleeper Cell

Ralph L. McNeal, Sr. Combines Adventure, Foreign Intrigue, Wall Street and Terrorism in New Book

HENDERSON, Nev. – With a sense of Orwellian techno-surreality, debut author Ralph L. McNeal, Sr. navigates the contemporary and future world of possibilities for terrorism in Sleeper Cell (published by AuthorHouse), his thrilling new novel of adventure, conspiracy, foreign intrigue, under-the-table deal-making and global terrorism.

Stationed in Iraq during his 18-month deployment, U.S. soldier Jonathan Wainwright Skyler befriends Ben Kalib Ali, a 7-year-old orphan. But when Jonathan ends his military tour of duty and rejoins a successful firm on Wall Street, his short-lived friendship with Ben is forgotten. Instead, Jonathan finds success as a venture capitalist.

One day while having lunch with clients, he notices a young, well-dressed man dining with another group who looks uncannily familiar. When the two run into each other in the restroom, Jonathan is reintroduced to an older, assimilated Ben who explains that he was adopted by a California family and completed his schooling in the U.S. More so, Ben went on to complete his B.A. in chemical engineering from Stanford University and finish law school at Georgetown University. He is currently married and employed as an attorney with a firm on Wall Street.

Overjoyed to hear of his old friend’s success in America, Jonathan had little idea that Ben had been adopted, sent to the U.S. and programmed as a Sleeper Cell. As a covert agent implanted in the U.S. to blend in seamlessly with other Americans, Ben simply lies in wait, determined to carry out his mission and bring New York—and the U.S. by extension—to its knees.

The story that unfolds crosses the boundaries between fiction and reality, merging our post-9/11 world with that of a terrifying, apocalyptic future. Within its pages, Sleeper Cell references the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina and the suspect reconstruction of New Orleans into a solar powered city, desalination planning and waste reclamation; almost in the same breath as gaming and futuristic financial uncertainties. Jonathan’s position on Wall Street brings into play a host of scenarios involving global finance, its players, and the deals that take Jonathan and Ben across the globe from militarized Bagdad, to Paris, to Dubai, to Brindisi Italy, to New York and New Orleans. Fast paced and well-crafted, Sleeper Cell keeps readers on edge with its combination of action, adventure and worldwide conspiracy.

Ralph L. McNeal, Sr. has spent the majority of his career as a much-lauded venture capitalist, heading up Ralph L. McNeal and Co. in Newark, N.J., as president and chief operating officer. He has also been employed in a financial and management capacity in both the public and private sectors, and lectures widely on subjects of venture capital. He is a graduate of Central State University of Ohio. Sleeper Cell, his first published book, is soon to be followed by its sequel, The Venture Capitalist. He currently resides in Henderson, Nev., with his wife, Shirley.

AuthorHouse is the premier book publisher for emerging, self-published authors. For more information, please visit

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