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Noble – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat and Think With Your Taste Buds – Desserts
‘Her name was Jane Emmett and she was pretty much just your average seventeen year old girl, or at least that’s what everyone in town thought about her.  She had grown up in Ashley Falls and came from one of the most highly respected families in town.  When I say highly respected, I’m also saying incredibly wealthy.  Her family owned the local newspaper company and their business was booming…Though she lived comfortably, Jane never seemed content with the life that her parent’s money had provided for her.  She  always appeared to be listless and unhappy on any occasion that we crossed paths, quite frankly.  As Jane got older, it became well known around town that she was an emotionally troubled kid, but it wasn’t until she started to put her rebellious nature out on display that it became a concern.  I can recall various occasions where Jane had gotten into hot water with the sheriff.  It was usually just for petty things like trespassing at first.  She’d get into an argument with one of the shop owners and then not leave upon being asked.  The sheriff would catch word of the dispute, come down and threaten Jane with the worst belting of her life, and she’d eventually see the error of her ways and leave quietly without causing harm…As always, Mr. Emmett would come along, apologize for the inconvenience, pay for any damages she had caused and promise that she wouldn’t be any further trouble.’
But now – Jane Emmett is missing.  At least that’s what a letter received by Miller Brinkman, P.I. from Jane’s best friend Jessie Fryman states.  According to Jessie, Jane hasn’t been seen in the last six weeks. 
Miller has lived all forty plus years of his life in Ashley Falls.  After the death of his parents and the departure of Charissa, the only woman he has ever loved, he found himself with a phobia preventing him from leaving.   But as he begins his investigation into the disappearance of Jane, he finds it impossible to ‘safely’ stay in Ashley Falls.  Not only is the Sheriff framing him for a murder he didn’t commit, he is also visited by a stranger who appears to be trying to help him find Jane. 
Miller’s journey takes him to Washington, DC where he will reconnect with Charissa and on to Norway.  With the help of Charissa and his mystery friend, Miller uncovers information that leads him to believe that Jane isn’t the only young person to disappear and it appears that the US government is involved up to their ears in these kidnappings.   What could they possibly want with them?  All seem to be troubled kids that just don’t fit in with their peers.  But why kids?  These are just some of the questions I found myself wondering as I read Noble. 
Noble is a book that is completely different from any I’ve ever read.  It starts out as a mystery ‘who-done-it’ but changed genre about midway making it even more enjoyable!  This is a style of writing I’m not accustomed to but really like it.  It’s like reading two books in one.  Very good reading.

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