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November – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘It was his mother who had wanted to call him November. His father had called him Liam, after his grandfather. And there was now only one person he permitted to call him by his middle name. She could call him anything she wanted,
and she knew it. What she did not know was that she could do anything,
ask anything, and he would do it. If she had asked Liam November
O’Callaghan to leap in a loch on a winter morning wearing only his
birthday suit, he would have done it, he thought ruefully. If she had
asked him to feed himself to Nessie, he would do it. But she never
asked him anything. And she never really understood him.’

Liam has just graduated university and is now going to the family home, he now owns, in St. Dunstans, Scotland. After his older brother running away from
home, his mother’s death and his father’s constant flow of women, Liam
talked his father into selling him the house they had all once called
home. He would miss his friends from school but he was looking forward
to returning to St. Dunstans and reuniting himself with the only woman
he had and ever would love. Her name was Sara Mar. He had met and
fallen in love with her when he was only 9 and she was 14. She would
always be his true love and he would finally confess his feelings to
her. But first he must find a job to support himself and his dog Cara.
And since Liam is a writer, what better place to work than the local

After securing employment with The St. Dunstans Chronicle, Liam starts to get back into his life before university by socializing with some of his old
friends as well as a co-worker named Carra. As for Sara and his dreams
of their future together, she seems to be rejecting him which drives him
closer to Carra. With her rejection and the murders that have started
popping up among his friends, Liam starts losing his faith in God. And
the further he gets from God the more he loses in life. Is he savable
and if so will he be saved before it’s too late?

When I met J. William English at a book signing this past summer I was extremely impressed. He was 16 when he wrote November, in the Summer of 2008. The book's been out just about a year. Upon graduation from high school he will be going to university in Wales called The University of Wales Trinity Saint David. This young man plays the bagpipe, travels the world, frequently and will be going to Switzerland on research for his next novel. After reading November
I can assure you that J. William English is an author to watch. He can
only get even more better than he already is. And he's pretty good
right now!

Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC
362 pages
ISBN# 978-1-60799-870-9

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