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A short story featuring the Siberian “holly man”, Rasputin based on a scene in a film in once saw.
It was so many year ago that he past through my village in Siberia, on his way to Moscow. His name I did not know at the time as he was referred to simply as a “holly man”. I do however recall him stopping by my house and curing my father of the problem his back had been giving him for so long that it would not allow him to work our field. How my father had suffered until that day was something I can barely imagine, some days not even being able to get out of bed with the pain.

This being before he came to our humble hut and using some method he called power from God was able to cure my father. It was as if by some magic, yet all he had to do was place his large hands on my father’s back while he said a few words of prayer and all was made well.

For my part I saw him but a short while on that evening which served as first encounter with him. It being for those few seconds that I went in my parent’s room to bring him the water to wash his hands that my mother made me get when I got a good look at him. He in a way frightened me, his being a large man yet it was his eyes that scared me the most. As I had never looked in to eyes like his, the kind that seemed as if they could see inside me, to the extent that lying would be of no use. For he gave the impression of being a possessor of divine vision to not only see all but know all.

As for the rest of him, it did not leave as much of an impact on me; though there was something alluring for myself a 14 year old girl in his black hair and beard along with his simple but honest face. It being like his black clothes which held no vanities or particular niceties yet had a certain power in their being so common, even to me one who by most in the city would be consider but a peasant girl.

He however did manage to cure my father of his ills, who offered to pay a certain amount of money apart from feeding and allowing him to spend the night on our barn. My father woke the following morning and I will never forget how good he felt to be going back to work. My father in all his desire to be cured had offered this man more then he was able to pay; perhaps not really believing it would happen.

It perhaps was embarrassment at not having all of the promised amount which made my father give me all the money we had to go pay the holly man as my parents had come to think of him. It being early in the morning that I went to our barn, where he had spent the night to pay him along with apologize for the amount not being complete. I walked to the barn I remember with a certain amount of fear that he might be angry, for in all truth my father had sworn in the name of God that he would pay the whole sum.

As for myself at the time there was little I could say about the person I was other then my age and my being an unassuming peasant girl; whom many of the local boys had claimed as being attractive to their desires. I not really seeing myself as such though it was hard for me to judge my appearance, with more then a basic description.

Me being a perhaps plump girl with large breast, standing at 158 cm with long blonde which I was always being told to keep tied, for such in the eyes of my mother was the proper way for a lady to be. I approached our barn where I knew he was and it in a strange way even seemed to me that I was about to enter his house instead of a place which belonged to my parents.

I however entered the barn without knocking to find him on his knees; praying. He seemed to be distant as he did not even notice me at first which let me relax as I went to where he was. I walked toward where I was standing in front of him and suddenly I felt the weight of his stare upon me.

I slowly started to speak with fear he could apparently detect, “My father asked me to give you this” were my words as I bent down to place the money on the ground in front of him. It was as I put down the money that his eyes caught mine as if locking on to them that he detected my insecurity.

I however quickly placed the money down almost not wanting him to see it as I was standing in font of him waiting for him to approve. This man much to my near shock as I stood in front of him not only did not pick up his pay but did not as much as look at it but all the time stared in to my eyes. As if seeing through me, which I could so strongly feel. It was then that he for the first time spoke to me, while on his knees and being not much short then me. “Your father promised me more money, did he not?”

At that moment his stare getting more intense on my eyes. It was as if his eyes were not even capable of blinking. “My father said to say he is sorry but this is all we have, please accept it” were my words, almost pleading to the one who looked on now with a different tone as he stood up and moved toward me, where he was but an arm’s length away from where I stood. It was then that I saw how tall he was, him standing almost directly above me.

A brief second was the time that his eyes seemed to look beyond mine, almost examining all of me, from my breast down to the rest of me. It was as if I could feel the touch of his gaze yet I knew not what do or say as I stood before him. “Take off your clothes!” he said in a soft voice with purpose in its sternness. I at that moment was almost paralyzed with fear as the intensity of his eyes increased.

I in all honesty could not move as if frozen in a trance. Suddenly in one quick action he made it clear beyond doubt what I should do, when he smacked me in the face; after which he repeated his exact words. I then with no choice removed the brown frock I was wearing leaving my nude body exposed to him whose gaze seemed not altered by the sight of my nudity. I also in reaction more then anything let down my hair, perhaps wanting him to see its beauty when released; as many young men had told me I took on an angelic look when it flowed of my shoulders though I might have done it to use as a cover for my breast. This being possible given how far down my hair went, almost to my waist.

It was in fact the first time any had seen me exposed in this manner. Shyness was what went through me as I covered the source of my womanhood, already having its adult hair and breast as much as I could with my golden hair. His gaze also not changing as he instructed me further with the words “Undress me!”. I at that point was aware that stalling might just earn me another slap which made me obediently start to remove his garments.

He did assist by lifting a leg yet when his root was exposed I was stunned as to how big It was. Gigantic; to almost match the size of my arm as I could not help but gawk upon it while on my knees in front of it after having removed the last garment of his clothes. It was then that he took charge of our doings as he grabbed on to the back of my head, while my eyes could see his getting even bigger; as if a balloon that indicates the strength of the wind filling up.

I in reality was not in the least aware of what he wanted yet there was an excitement in me as he laid me down. All the while his eyes on mine as he took a position on top of me, his hands spreading my legs and alerting my breast which could feel his warmth as I felt that part of me new to the touch of man gain in moisture. I had felt something before in this part of my body but this time it was not my thoughts but the touch from his body.

Once he had me as he wished; it was then that I felt a quick and mighty trust by the large organ of his in this part of me which now had become wet. It was pain that I experienced at first as he rammed inside me; making me believe his root could break me in half or penetrate so deeply as to cause harm to those parts inside my body. It was however once fully within that pain left as pleasure took its place; this as he began to move his body in a fashion that conducted his root to both enter and leave.

I was doing what was new, for instinct was my guide; to indicate my legs to spread and wrap around him; to meet his incursions. This creating a sensation of beauty between us, while his eyes remained glued to mine with nothing but intense passion.

My ignorance at the time excluded this knowledge to call it ecstasy. All of which causing my body to tremble in orgasm, as a hot spray came from this now most welcome intruder of his. How I screamed as these two took place while both biting his shoulder and digging my nails in his back, I could see it even scared him or at least for that brief second which seemed to last so much longer.

We would continue what later I would learn to be called “lovemaking” till he simply departed, taking all his belongings. The holly man leaving the money despite everything he had given me or perhaps because of what I had given him. It was only several years later that I would discover this man’s name was Rasputin, when he became healer of Czar Nicolas’s son; all of which making me realize I had been paying Rasputin’s cure.

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