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Quantum Earth - Julie Achterhoff, Author

Quantum Earth – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
‘When the two women form the hotel reached the tenth and top floor they went to the beach side where there was a balcony overlooking the scene. “Oh
my God!” said one. Words failed the other, for in the distance, about a
mile out they could see a giant mountain of water the size of which
their brains couldn’t comprehend. And it was building larger as it
headed for the coast. They could still see several people way out who
seemed oblivious. They began shouting at the top of their lungs,
knowing even then that they wouldn’t be heard. But maybe there was a
chance still for those on the beach below. Many of them looked up at
them and tried to understand why they were screaming. But some of the
people had already seen the big wave coming fast and hurried away from
the beach. Some were screaming themselves as they ran. But they could
see many small children looking lost. Nobody was taking them away.
They would surely be crushed by the oncoming waters. All at once the
two women stopped their entreaties and could only watch as the horrific
scene played itself out. The wave had already reached those who were
the furthest out. Of course they couldn’t hear the screaming, but they
did begin to hear the low rumbling sound as the water came closer. It
sounded like a freight train if you put your ear to the ground near the

Dr. Mel Hawkins (Hawk) and Shauna Troy have formed a group that will study the sudden increase of natural disasters, and as 2012 approaches with the predictions that earth will no longer be, the team find themselves running out of time. Hawk and the whole
team have agreed that there is the possibility that people are bringing
the destruction on themselves with their thoughts and wishes. With this
possibility, the team relies on its member Noah Meade, who is a medium,
to contact some of those killed in these mass destructions. During one
of the group sessions with victims of a major flooding, Noah is working
through his “crossed over being” Jackson. As the team listen to
messages from people on the other side, Jackson is suddenly taken over
by a voice that isn’t earthly. This voice blames humans for the
conditions of earth. It is the belief of the team that this voice may
be from an alien.

Discovering that there may be a chance of contacting aliens that have passed on, Hawk and Shauna decide to have Noah try to contact them to see if they
can shed light on what might be done to stop earth from being
destroyed. Fortunately for them, Noah is able to get through, but
unfortunately for them and all of earth they are told that earth is in
the process of cleansing itself and to do this, humans must be destroyed
so it can start over again.... Just as it did with the destruction of
the dinosaurs. These aliens feel that no animal is a plague to the
earth like the humans are. So, with the increase in earthquakes,
floods, and even medical epidemics, the task before this small group of 7
is to do whatever they can to stop the destruction of the world?

Quantum Earth took me on quite a ride. If you listen to the predictions and theories for the year 2012 you will hear: there will be increases in
earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes, left will be right and right will
be left, just to name a few. Are we really creating these changes with
our own minds? I think I’ve read somewhere that “thoughts attract” so
only think good thoughts. I’ve for one have decided that, just in case
this is true, I'll think as many positive thoughts as possible.

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