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Requiem for the Ripper - Brian L. Porter, Author

Requiem for the Ripper – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘Forbes jumped, nerves getting the better of him, and in an instant the fear had returned. As a bolt of brilliant lightning rent the sky and lit up the
room through the sturdy windows of my home, William Forbes
shrank still further into himself. I watched, fascinated, as the
well-built solicitor, a man whose entire life should have been built
around logic, order, and the law, and who I’d have imagined to be one of
the least likely to panic at the forces and sounds of nature, backed
away from the window, until, his eyes once ore displayed the fear of one
hunted by terror unknown, his back came to rest against the wall beside
the fireplace. His body shook and his mouth opened in fear. His lips
moved, but not a sound came from them. Though he remained in the room
with me, I felt as though William Forbes were no longer with me, but had retreated to some dark place, locked away in his own private world of fear and dread.'

David Hemswell, a criminal psychologist and William Forbes, solicitor to the serial killer Jack Reid, have now been admitted into the world of Jack the Ripper.
Forbes seeks the help of David to dispel the spirits that are
threatening his own being. According to Forbes, David came recommended
as the person to help. Question is, who recommended him and can he
really help? After meeting Forbes, David decides to ask for the help of
his old and dear friend Kate Gooddard who is a paranormal
investigator. By combining their own knowledge and forces, the two hope
to save Forbes from what he believes to be the spirit of Jack the Ripper.

A Study in Red, Legacy of the Ripper and now Requiem for the Ripper have been three books that held my attention through every page. Each book has its own distinctive ending, or should I say continuation but
only a writer such as Brian L. Porter can give the whole story an ending
such as the one in Requiem for the Ripper. I promise you, the ending will shock you as it did me. Great writing!

Available in paperback and e-book
Double Dragon Press
214 Pages
ISBN# 978-1-55404-763-5

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