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Rightfully Mine - God's Equal Rights Amendment - Aggie Villanueva, Author

Rightfully Mine – Reviewed by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
Zelophehad’s eyes fluttered. “Bring my daughters and my half brothers. I want all my family here – to bless them.” His eyes succeeded in opening and as
Rizpah looked into them, she admitted at last he was truly near death.
Moses, Joshua and Caleb, Israel’s ennobled leaders, rose tactfully to
leave but Zelophehad reached a trembling arm toward them. “Please
stay. I said I want all my family present.” Moses’ eyes softened and
the three men turned back to face the old man’s bed.
“Moses – you are like a brother to me,” Zelophehad wheezed. Moses came closer. “We are the last, aren’t we, my friend?” “NO,” Zelophehad
inhaled sharply. “Do not pity me. We both know the mercy of Elohim
Hayyim, the living God, do we not? So we must accept also His
judgments. He is the object of all our human striving and the end of
all seeking. I look gladly to the end.” He coughed weakly, but his
voice gained volume. “What will you do when this plague is over?”
Noah, who was nicknamed Rizpah by her father, is the second born daughter to Zelophehad. She’s strong willed and minded, and often speaks her mind
before thinking. With the death of her father Zelophehad, Rizpah and
her sisters are left with no man in their household. As the rulings
were, no land would be inherited by a woman, leaving Rizpah and her
sisters at a loss when Israel
is finally allowed to cross the Jordan. But Rizpah will not let the
injustice go without a fight. She will speak her mind to Moses asking
that her father’s land be inherited by she and her sisters.
This book came at a good time for me. I had just bought a new Bible and had decided to start reading from page one through. When I picked up
this book to start reading I found that I had just finished reading the
story of Moses and sure enough, when I went back to check I found Noah
as being a real person. The story that Aggie Villanueva has scripted
made the story I had just finished in the Bible so real.
Sometimes when reading a Bible story we unconsciously see it as just that… a story. Aggie
Villanueva gave the characters of Rightfully Mine passion which
made them more human and believable. It also helped pass along the
lessons to be learned from their mistakes. I feel that Rightfully
would make a great book for Bible study classes and discussions,
especially among young adults.

174 Pages
ISBN #978-0-557-08654-2

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