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R.I.G.S. – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘There is nowhere lonelier than the vast unexplored tracts of space.
There, among the stars and the infinity of the void, there is no sound,
and even if there were, there is no-one there to hear it. Even the
nearest stars, twinkling welcomingly when viewed from earth, are so far
from our world that it would take a man most of his lifetime just to
reach the nearest one. It is cold, dark and unwelcoming; it is an
airless ocean of loneliness for the unwary traveler.’

RIGS (The Remote Intelligence Gathering System) had left Earth for his
travel through space in the year 2166, which was almost two hundred
years ago, his mission, to seek out and make contact with alien
life-forms, if they existed. He sent his daily messages back to inform
anyone still interested of his finds but he was starting to develop
something that was not common in an android. He has started to develop
feelings. And of these feelings, loneliness is appearing to be the

RIGS was created by a human. Is it possible for a human to program
feelings into a robot? And if it is, what will the robot do with these
feelings? Who will he share them with and how? When the space probe
begins receiving signals from an unknown alien intelligence, something
very strange and wonderful begins to take place within RIGS' positronic
matrix. R.I.G.S. is another Porter short story hit.

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