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Sculpting the Heart's Poetry - Joyce White, Author

Sculpting the Heart’s Poetry – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

This is Joyce White’s 4th Edition in Sculpting the Heart Series. Her uncanny ability to create a poem from a painting or sculpture is quite amazing as well as different. Reading her translations of life
through her poetry became quite a journey for me as well as an
eye-opener as I saw aspects of life through the eyes of another.

Here is my favorite (and is it oh so true)

Turning Into Mom

I hear my mom’s voice many
Mornings when I roll out of bed, her
Eyes looking back at me in the mirror,
Both of us crying a little,
It was our habit to refer back to
Minutes, weeks, months, or years gone
By, when forced to keep doing, as
Opposed to enjoying each other,
When we sat eye-to-eye, we were
Estranged, waiting for our bodies to
Stop hurting, and our minds to stop
Accusing and excusing,
But now that she is deceased, I try to
Simplify my twisted feelings by trying
To forgive and forget, and remember
Our anger at the world did not
Compromise our love.

90 Pages
ISBN# 978-0-557-22371-8

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