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Secrets by the Sea - Mary Montague Sikes, Author

Secrets by the Sea - Mary Montague Sikes, Author

Secrets by the Sea - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

'Far below, in a brilliant flash of lightning, Dana saw something move. Heart pounding, she brushed her hand across her eyes and leaned closer to the glass. She watched a dark shadow rise from the water - a human shadow with arms flailing skyward.'

Since very early childhood, Dana Sinclair had written letters weekly to her grandfather, William Henry Bryson, that she had only seen once in her entire life. Grandpa Bryson lived on an island in the Caribbean Sea and Dana became his only link to his estranged wife Madeline, his daughters Mary Elizabeth and Margaret and Dana's sister Rebecca. Over the years, Dana kept him up-to-date on everything that was going on in the lives of his far away family still living in the states.

When Grandpa Bryson, also known as "Old Man Bryson" by those that knew him on the island, died under suspicious circumstances Dana had inherited his island home. When Dana left the states and moved to her new home, she had one specific reason in mind... to find out what really happened to her grandfather and why. But the surprises that followed her moving to the island were not quite what she had expected.

Shortly after moving in, Dana encounters Clifton Wilder who is the number one suspect in the death of her grandfather. Clifton hated Old Man Bryson and didn't mind letting his hatred show. But after meeting Dana, he forms a protective attraction for the Old Man's granddaughter. Dana, on the other hand, fears Clifton. She finds him in her home after knowing she locked the doors. She sees lights swaying from an upstairs room and hears footsteps when there's no one there. It starts becoming apparent that Clifton has to be the one behind the mysterious happenings but as Dana gets to know him better, she can't but hope that he's not the one causing the fear she has developed about living in her own home.

Follow Dana as she encounters "ghosts", murders, and a strange artist while trying to stay alive. Read along with her as she reads her grandfather's diary in hopes of answering some of her questions about the reason for his death. And find out if there really is a pot of gold coins hidden somewhere in the house.

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