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Some Ideas On How To Spend A Great New Year’s Eve At Home

Now, that Christmas has come and gone leaving us with so many fine memories of decorated trees along with presents it is time to think of New Year’s eve, that last day of the year in which we for some reason find to be significant enough to hold an all out, no holds bared celebration for. Well regardless of weather or not the evening which ends one year and starts the next is cause to party long in to the night is not the point of this article but what is, is to advocate the benefits of spending the evening of New Year at home.

I naturally am aware that numerous are the places where one may see out the old year such as restaurants, discos, hotel ballrooms, etc. but I in my old fashioned ways still believe it perhaps not best but coziest to bid farewell to the old year at home. This previous statement should not be interpreted that I do not believe the above mentioned places to be without charm for that is not the case as some of these places have true elegance but my philosophy tells me that a party given at a person’s home is a reflection of the organizers personality. If one really lends consideration to the issue one will see that the parties we throw are us for it is our way of saying “this is how I like to have fun and this is who I am” to our guests whom we wish to permit a view of the most favorable side of our individuality. The side I refer to is the one that is our culture which is friendly and warm as it accepts others and their ways. It hears music that moves us, it is considerate and wishes all to enjoy what we may offer even if it be not ostentatious but merely given whole heartedly.

Home made New Year’s eve parties also present other advantages such as if we over extend ourselves in sipping the sauce we need not go far to reach our comfy bed with perhaps a lady or gentleman who may have also over engaged in elbow bending. Needless to say with privileges also come responsibilities connected with the etiquette of hosting which demand a gentleman to greet and introduce himself to every single breath taking lady and her sensual attire. It is decorum that lays the same burden on the ladies to do likewise with their gentlemen guests. Of coarse getting the telephone numbers of those who meet our attraction might be away to assist them in retrieving any items which maybe left behind and perhaps other personal purposes.

Many are the ways of doing what is commonly known as “throwing a New Year’s eve bash” therefore here in this article I will present not the grandest but my method which follows one basic idea. My idea is based on the simple fact that New Year’s eve holds not importance which might be construed as religious (it being secular) or family connected as is Christmas making it the perfect excuse for all the peoples of the world to come together in indulgences that for the most part go on through out the night in to early morning light. It is with this initiative in mind that I proceed in the following manner:

1 Set a program for the soiree as we may offer our guests a few options.
One being a dinner where all sit down at the table at the same time. Dinner may be followed by coffee, desert along with spirits that tend to have an up lifting effect on our cravings for contact of a much more intimate nature with those around us that might include a dance for all to see or perhaps a private one.

As a second option we may hold the get together in the form of a party and in that case it is not so much necessary to set a formal table for all to eat as one assemblage but to have a table decked out with food in the form of a buffet for all to serve themselves at their leisure.

Mine is the concept that says a dinner is for talking and a party is for dancing and mingling in small groups of two or more so if a party be what we choose here are some ideas which in my humble opinion might serve those who follow them well.

2 Make out a guest list of those who are to be invited.
Those who have no one they wish to invite as their desire may be to spend this evening in only in the company of those whom they live with or whose guests can be counted on the fingers of one hand need not fret with this. However with regards to those who wish to celebrate in bigger numbers to them I suggest a list. Sometimes it is not easy deciding whom to invite but this can be simplified by inviting those near to us though it might be interesting to allow our friends to bring along other friends who through their personalities may add color and flavor to the party. As an idea we might think of inviting people who have what I would classify as “party personalities” as they with their witty yet light talk coupled with their silly antics know how to move others to the party frame of mind.

3 Chose what will be on the menu.
It is my point of view that when making out a menu for a grand festivity as is New Year’s eve we should not disregard the fact that the occasion is special therefore the cuisine should be up to the same. By special I mean something which we do not set upon our table everyday fore if we did it would be too familiar with our taste buds so I suggest something rare perhaps from some exotic cook book. We might get a cook book from a country that is completely foreign to us and see what this far away land has to offer or we might simply order from a restaurant if lack of time or culinary ability prevents us from making it ourselves. Of coarse if variety is really what we are after we may always ask our guests to bring dishes which they have made at home so that we might see what ideas others have. Some may not consider nourishments as a form of entertainment but sometimes preparing it is, so for those willing to attempt something different we might try letting each guest make his or her own sundae. There are some however who would claim that food is not first priority of a party and to them I would reply “who claimed it was? but if we are inviting people for food as well as our own company why not make something unique so that they may leave our homes with fund memories in their stomachs as well”.

3 keep a well stocked bar
alcoholic beverages and drinks take an a bigger role on New Year’s eve then they do on Christmas day so it is advisable to make drinks that like the food be original. For instance we might consider getting some exotic booze from some far away land just to try something new or get a book telling us how to make different drinks. A “Long Island Ice Tea” is my favorite. Another idea would be to let our guests make their own drinks as strongly or weekly as they like. Of coarse we should not forget the bubbly for what would be New Year’s eve without champagne which according to Marilyn Monroe (the most uncommon woman in the époque known as the “Century of the common man”) makes eyes look happy.

4 Dress up as elegantly as our wardrobe will allow
After all why not? Maybe just for the fun of it or perhaps for our guests, to let them know that their presence in our homes matters to us. I personally believe that life in and of itself is a special occasion to dress ones best but for those who need a reason other then elegance itself I would say if this is not an occasion that merits ones best attire then what be one? By our best it is ties, tuxedos and suits that I have in mind for the gentlemen while long evening gowns, high heels and stockings for the ladies is what my imagination holds.

5 Keep our guests busy
In my personal believe it is this accept of hosting that is the most important of all for it demonstrates the full personality and character of the individual who has chosen to use his or her home as a place of merriment for others. In every party a good host will make it his or her affair to keep his guests entertained and happy. As it does not suffice to keep them feed and watered so for he or she who seeks to excel as a host the thing to do would be to spend as much time with as many of our guests as possible and keep them occupied. Have music that is for dancing as well as a place where this might be done. “The 3 Tenors”, “Frank Sinatra”, “Dean Martin” and some Latin music is what my body seeks to move to but let each follow the dictate of the dancing soul contained in his or her body.

Games such as limbo or musical chairs might add to the entertainment though for those who walk on the wilder side “strip poker” might be a way for them to literally loose the shirt of their back. Wet t-shirt competitions should not be ruled out as a form of appreciation of the female anatomy. As for a personal invention of mine I suggest for those who care to be slightly impish to try a test that blindfolds one of the guests while he or she kisses each guest that be of the opposite gender trying to guess who it is he or she is kissing. This blind folded test need not limit itself to contact of the oral kind as other parts of the body may require attention. Naturally for those guests whose longing for knowledge of each other extends in to the carnal kind, it is advisable to keep an extra room. This extra chamber however might proof unneeded for our guest’s modesty or perhaps lack of it might prevent them from taking their pleasures of the flesh out of the view of other guests and by virtue of this provide us with the truest live entertainment.

I have given many ideas for hosts to follow so to those who are looking to be guests only one thing will I suggest them to do and that is to accept as many invitations as they can. Perhaps it is an American thing but party hopping on New Year’s eve is a wonderful way of not only trying as many kinds of grub as possible but of checking out many scenes as well as meeting a lot of people.

A final thought I will leave those who read this and it being that home my creed says is the place for New Year’s eve but not on our lonesome for in the society of those who are dear to us we are always accompanied even if the number of those who surround us not be not a digit that be double for it is not quantity that is of the essence but the sentiments that those around evoke.

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