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Sounds of Murder - Patricia Rockwell, Author

Sounds of Murder – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘Pamela followed Kent, running behind him around the corner of the main hallway towards the experimental computer laboratory at the far end of the side
hallway. She could see in the distance that the door to the lab was
wide open and the lights were on. Kent ran through the doorway and
Pamela followed on his heels. He went immediately to the first row of
computer carrels, to Carrell #4, one of the department’s special “souped
up” computers. Pamela could see a woman in the carrel bent over the computer desk, a tousled
head of blond curls. As she drew closer, she realized that the woman
was Charlotte Clark.
“It’s Dr. Clark,” said Kent, “Dr. Barnes! I think she’s dead!”

Dr. Charlotte Clark was Chair of the Tenure Committee and taught courses on addiction at Grace University. She was world famous and popular with students which lined up to take her
classes. But by her peers, she was considered abrasive and
confrontational. More often than not creating verbal attacks on anyone
who crossed her. So, when word of her death made its way around the
campus, very few tears were shed.

After completing her evening class, Dr. Pamela Barnes, a Psychology Professor, and her graduate assistant Kent Drummond, found Charlotte’s body in the computer lab. Charlotte being
in the lab was normal but the question that pops into Pamela's mind is
“why was she in the lab late at night?” Before class, Pamela had heard
Charlotte and Department Head, Mitchell Marks, arguing. Charlotte had
even made threats to go to the Dean to resolve their argument. So, did
Mitchell Marks follow Charlotte to the computer lab and murder her? As
Pamela soon finds, there are many others that have reason to take
Charlotte out of the picture. For starters there are 3 candidates up
for tenure with the Dean only allowing 2. There is also the Animal
Psychology Lab which became upset with Charlotte after she announced
that their research wasn’t needed and should be cut. The more Pamela
searches, the more suspects she ends up adding to her list.

Sounds of Murder ends up being solved by “sound.” This, to me, took the suspense to an entirely different field for. As I read, I found myself
listening to Pamela as she details each sound in her attempt to decide
which would are beneficial clues in solving the crime. Near the middle
of the book I had the case solved as to who had committed the murder but
not why, so I thought. It turned out that I was totally off base. The
murderer wasn't revealed until the end and to my surprise this character
wasn't even on my list of suspects. This book kept me in suspense from
beginning to end.


Cozy Cat Press

204 pages

ISBN# 978-0-9844795-0-4

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