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Stalight's Curse - K. C. Sprayberry, Author

Starlight's Curse - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; A Book and A Dish

Ragged sobs ripped from her throat as she stood beneath the tree.  She raised a shaky hand toward the body, her fingers reaching for a white rectangle pinned to a bright red turtleneck sweater... This was her baby... She dropped to her knees and curled forward.  Her arms wrapped protectively around her body, and she released great, heaving sobs of tremendous loss.  Her daughter hung from the branch of an elm tree.  

Forty years earlier... Far off in the woods, he caught sight of a dozen men wearing white robes and peaked hats slipping between the trees.  It was hard to make out.  Their clothes blended in well with the snow on the ground....  "There Daddy" his voice wavered, cracking into an embarrassing treble.  "The tree.  Look at the tree.  Daddy's head turned kind of slow like.  His mouth dropped open when he spotted the three figures dangling off ropes on that ancient elm... He took off running, his aunt lived off the other side of the road, in a shanty cabin that was the polar opposite of Starlight Mansion.

Many times I've read a book that I said was a page turner, and they were, but Starlight's Curse was a book that I wanted to read through the night and even the next day if need be without putting it down.  A lot of that is because I grew up during the time, 40 years earlier, when the Klan was active.  Part of it was because I also grew up just outside Atlanta and spent many weekends in the North Georgia mountains.  But the biggest part was that the story was so real.  It wasn't fast moving but moved more along the time lines that it would actually take for the events and thoughts to happen in real life.  This book took me in from the first page and held me there until the end.

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