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Stir, Laugh, Repeat - Book Review by Rita Hestand

Ms. Cheves wrote not just a cookbook, but a book to cook by. You'll find a little bit of everything in this recipe filled book, from her famous "Banana Puddin'" to her home-made "Chow-Chow".

Ms. Cheves packs plenty of cooking savy in this delightful book that has a hundred differnt little cooking tips that will have you delighted, to short little tidbits of stories that will make you remember what you are cooking.

Most cookbooks are just that, a cookbook, with very little else. But I highly recommend Martha's book.
She has a way of making you feel more at home in your own kitchen. She makes her recipes not only
scrumptious, but easy and practical on the young mother with a brood to cook for.

From her "Hashborwn Omlett" to her Pecan muffins you are bound to find something in this book to try.
I highly recommend checking this one out folks. Ms. Cheves has outdone herself and still she manages to tell a story that will make you chuckle while you cook.

This is a recipe book you won't want to miss. Chock full of great ideas that any one could try. And some down home favorites you won't want to miss, "Fried Pickles" to "Boiled Cabbage" Hmm, my mother used to make this, just like this and I never knew her recipe. And hey, don't forget the "Collards". Martha Cheves has it all in "Stir, Laugh, and Repeat". Don't miss this one!

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