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Stop Me – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
On Monday, November 12th, 2007, Leo Sharpe received an email.
Howdy doody.
On vacation in the uk
Slim, attractive brunette with capped teeth
Forward this email to ten friends
Each of those friends must forward it to ten friends
Maybe one of those friends of friends of friends will be one of my friends
If this email ends up in my inbox within a week I wont slit the bitchs throat
Can you afford not to send this on to ten friends?
Apparently messages like this had made the rounds of the US, Germany and now the UK. After being passed on by some and deleted by others, the results always
seemed to be the same in that it apparently never makes its round back
to the original sender. And to prove that he is as good as his word, a
portion of each victim’s jaw is sent to the police.
Leo received his message through his office computer. He was getting ready to meet his wife Laura to do some Christmas shopping so instead of forwarding it on
to 10 friends he called the company’s IT. They handled it by simply
deleting the message.
Leo met Laura at their special place, Chevalier’s Bar. Shortly after arriving, Laura told Leo she needed to go to the ladies room. She left and that was the last Leo saw of his wife. Then
came his own email informing him that the Vacation Killer had Laura and
would slit her throat unless he received his email back in his own
inbox within a week. A week went by and unlike the other VK victims,
no jaw bone was sent to the police. Leo could only hope that the email
had made it back to the killer’s inbox giving him hope that she was
still alive and could be found.

Leo’s search for his wife takes him to the United States where he meets with two men who both claim to be the Vacation Killer. But that can’t be possible since neither had been to
the UK. And since Laura wasn’t the only victim in the UK area, it has
to be someone else.
Leo’s chase had me turning the pages to see who and what would lead him to the next possibility. I had my own list of suspects and as each was marked off my list I found myself running out
of killers. Finding out who the real Vacation Killer turned out to be
was a total surprise for me. I think it will be for you too.
Allison & Busby
ISBN# 978-0-7490-0713-3
328 pages

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