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Talented Horsewoman – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘I turned to follow Tinker’s movement, hoping she wouldn’t head back toward Millie. As I tracked the galloping form past the barn, a bundle of rags on the
ground hardly merited my attention – until an instant later when I
realized the bundle wasn’t rages. With a jolt somewhere in the center
of my chest, I forgot all about the horse and stumbled forward a few
steps. “Oh, my God, it’s Rita,” Millie sang out, echoing my thoughts.
She scurried over to grab my arm, her fingers digging in like pinchers
until I peeled her loose. I glanced sideways and noted her complexion
was the color of an undercooked biscuit.’

After her divorce, Leigh McRae and her daughter lived on the horse ranch that they had once lived in as a family. Both enjoyed raising and showing horses
and had won their share of ribbons. But the best shows were to come
after Leigh bought Sonny Joe from Rita Cameron. But now their horse
days are being threatened. After the death of Rita, Leigh’s ex-husband
Kenneth has decided that horses are simply too dangerous for his
daughter to be around. He and his soon to be wife have decided that
ballet was a more suited hobby. And to push his point, he reminds Leigh
that the ranch is half his as well as the horse Sonny Joe. The ranch
and the horses are to be sold and sold soon.

So, with this situation facing Leigh, the last thing she needed was to convenience herself that Rita’s death wasn’t an accident but that it was murder.
Biggest problem is to convenience the police. To do this, she must find
enough evidence to make them keep the case open and not rule it as an

Rita was very well off. She had inherited property and money from her grandparents and increased her value through smart investing. Knowing this, Leigh
makes a list of her suspects. First on the list is Rita’s sister Maggie
who was cut off by the grandparents and always in need of help and
money. Then Rita’s investment agent Parker Fielding shows up claiming
that she had changed her will, writing Maggie completely out and writing
him in due to the fact that they were in love and were to be married.
This was new to everyone that knew Rita and this story was pushed aside
when her godchild Angie shows up claiming that she was to inherit the

So, who killed Rita Cameron? They all have motive – money. As Leigh starts finding out, they all have alibis. Is someone lying? And how will she save her
own ranch and horses?

L. C. Evans has done it again with her story of horsewoman Leigh McRae. I simply love her light drama style of writing. Evans keeps me in suspense
without stressing me out as I try to decide who will end up being the
murderer. And Talented Horsewoman kept me guessing until the last few

This story was especially interesting to me due to the setting/location. I had the pleasure of living in Florida and the story takes place near and around the town I lived in.

Draumr Publishing, LLC
251 Pages
ISBN# 978-1-933157-25-9

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