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The Body in the Sleigh - Katherine Hall Page, Author

The Body in the Sleigh (A Faith Fairchild Mystery) – Reviewed by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

As Mary entered the barn to milk her goats, the first thing she spotted was a large basket with a big red bow, nestled against a bale of hay. It
must be a gift from a neighbor. A tag hung from the bow: “For Mary
Bethany.” She ignored the goats for a moment and knelt down before the
gift. It was an afghan in soft pastel colors. That would be Arlene
Harvey who crocheted so beautifully. But this was too much! It must
have taken Arlene a long time to make. Then she heard a tiny sneeze.
The merest whisper of a sneeze. She pulled back the blanket and she
uncovered – a baby! “You poor thing,” she said aloud. “Who are you?
And how could anyone bear to give you up?” She pulled the afghan out of
the basket. Underneath it was an envelope with her name on it, some baby clothes, diapers,
bottles and a package wrapped in brown paper. The note was short.
‘Dear Mary, Keep him safe and raise him to be a good man. His name is
Christopher.’ And to Mary’s surprise, when she opened the package she
found packets of hundred dollar bills. A lot of hundred-dollar bills.

Mary found her beautiful gift on Christmas Eve but her friend Faith had found a not so pleasant gift a few
days before. Faith had taken her son and daughter round to see the
different Christmas decorations of Sanpere Island in Maine. While
viewing the antique sleigh in front of the Sanpere Historical Society,
she discovers that there are more than mannequins posed with packages
in the sleigh. There has been an addition of a young girl’s body added
to the scene. Is she possibly Christopher’s mother? If not, is there a
connection between the discoveries of the girl’s body, the money and

The Body in the Sleigh is written with a Christmas theme but it’s enjoyable
reading no matter what time of year it might be. It would find myself
reading “just one more page” to see if there is a connection and if so,
what that connection might be. I’ve enjoyed The Body in the Sleigh enough that I
plan to back up and read more of the Faith Fairchild Mysteries.

HarperCollins Publishers
256 Pages
ISBN 978-0-06-147425-5

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